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Playthrough: “Gerontocrap” from Godgiven!

Complete with a cameo from Lemmy the dog, guitarist and vocalist Andras Gyorffy from the almighty Godgiven gives us a guitar playthrough video for “Gerontocrap” from his bands album “Not That Godly“, one recorded, mixed and produced by Harmed guitarist Garbor Toth at Ghostship Recordings.  Budapest, Hungary born and raised, playing Alternative Metal in the

Exclusive Interview: Godgiven talk writing and recording?

Joining our series of interviews that surround bands writing and recording processes are Budapest, Hungary based Godgiven as we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Andras Gyorffy about what goes in behind the scenes with it comes to making a record like their recently released “Not That Godly“. Something of a labour of love that was

Exclusive Interview: Godgiven talk “Not That Godly”!

Putting a genre tag on Budapest, Hungary based Godgiven is like trying to play a game of pin the tale on the Donkey after a bottle of Wild Turkey, replacing the pin with a nail and trying not to hit your thumbs. The easiest way to describe them is to say that they find the

NEWS: Godgiven share “Doggiven”!

Taking their song titles from lyrics and putting a twist on them is what Godgiven have done with the cuts on their album “Not That Godly” and having worked with Harmed guitarist Gábor Tóth at Ghostship Recordings who recorded, produced and mixed they’re on the verge of unleashing a ninety’s influenced Roll ‘n Core album

Review: “Not that Godly” by Godgiven

After a pair of EPs and a demo since forming in 2012 you might not have expected 2021 to be the year that seasoned musicians from Budapest, Hungary known as Godgiven chose to release their debut album “Not That Godly” but then is there ever a good time? The album has been in the works

NEWS: “Gerontocrap”?! Ask Godgiven!

Harmed guitarist Garbor Toth continues to build his reputation and the name of Ghostship Recordings (Codine King, Jigokü, Bloodbather) with some fantastic production, recording, mixing and mastering work and the latest band to benefit from that is Godgiven. The Hungarian Metallers have unveiled “Gerontocrap” from their upcoming new album “Not that Godly“, one that which

NEWS: Godgiven “The Business Show”!

After a trio of EPs, including 2014’s “Walk On The Rope” and 2016’s “Out Of The Box“,  Hungarian Metallers Godgiven took two years out to write and record a full length album. Going by the name of “Not That Godly“, it will be released in the summer with “The Business Show” chosen as the first