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NEWS: Nothing return with “Confined”!

Seemingly content to continue to release a steady stream of singles, former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffery “Nothing” Hatrix has released another cut from his solo project Nothing. Given the name “Confined” and a music video directed by co-vocalist Ian D. Sniesak, it features actress Sonika Saini. The project was actually born in 2011 with debut album

NEWS: Nothing prepare for “The Outage”!

Continuing a seemingly never ending run of singles, Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix has teamed up with fellow former Mushroomhead guitarist Thomas Church following their departure from the band in March of 2018 for “The Outage“. The group also features former Motogrator and The Browning drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson, vocalist Ian D. Sniesak and bassist Steven Adams

NEWS: Nothing want to “Paint The Whole Dream Evil”!

Continuing a run of high calibre singles, Nothing, the project spearheaded by Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix alongside Thomas Church, have dropped a new single called “Paint The Whole Dream Evil“. It comes with a Saw esq video as the pair, who played a vital role in Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead keep treading those boards.

Review: “A Wonderful Life” by Mushroomhead

It has been six long years since 2014s “The Righteous And The Butterfly” and the revolving door of musicians in Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead has kept turning with drummer Steve Felton being the only ever present member of the band which started out 1993. Since that last record, 2015 saw the exit of keyboard player

Documentary: Home with Momma Episode #7 with A Killers Confession!

It’s been a while and as vocalist Waylon Reavis has a new house and a new Arcade Machine, it’s time for another episode of Home with Momma from A Killers Confession. Is it coincidence that there is a new Mushroomhead single out today? We’re not subscribers to any conspiracy theories so it seems unlikely but

NEWS: Nothing premier “Never Enough”!

While Mushroomhead have their own album finally on the way, former vocalist Jeffery Nothing has debuted another track from his project Nothing. The project also includes former Mushroomhead guitarist Tommy Church and intriguingly the pair remain good friends with Waylon Revis so a collaboration between the trio could well be on the cards but for

Review: “Dark Fields” by God Shaped Devil

Manchester is the home of a quartet that go by the name of God Shaped Devil. Made up of vocalist and lead guitarist Bex Fuzery, rhythm guitarist Matt Morris, Lajos Borsi on bass and Luke Ellwood on drums, the band infuse Thrash with Sludge and Groove Metal to create their sound. Interestingly, Bex and Lajos

NEWS: Nothing release “P.I.F.” Demo!

Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix has released what sounds like a demo of a new song entitled “P.I.F”. The track will appear on an upcoming date to be confirmed new album possibly entitled “The New Psychodalia 2”. The current solo band from the former Mushroomhead vocalist features fellow former Mushroomhead man Tommy Church on Guitars and former

NEWS: Nothing lyric video for “Dead Space/Dead Inside”!

Former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing Hatrix has released a lyric video for new singes “Dead Space/Dead Inside” which is also now available on all streaming platforms. The song follows previous single “Fragile Mind” and sees former Mushroomhead guitarist Tommy Church and former Motograter sticksman Noah “Shark” Robertson in thr reincarnation of Nothing.

Bootleg: Nothing joined by Waylon Reavis for “1200”!

Once again former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing Hatrix and Waylon Reavis shared a stage together to perform “1200” from Mushroomhead’s “Saviour Sorrow” album. Both Nothing and A Killers Confession appeared at Mulbury’s in Cleaveld Ohio at Hatrix Fest on 26th October. Re-activating his solo band with ex-Motograter drummer Noah Shark Robinson and former Mushroomhead guitarist