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Bootleg: Ov Sulfur at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California!

Fronted by former Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover, Vegas Blackened Deathcore band Ov Sulfur have been preparing for all out war since forming in the Pandemic and have continued to build following last August’s “Oblivion” EP. Now signed to Century Media and with support slots for As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent under

NEWS: Ov Sulfur prepare for war!

As their stature grows day by day, show by show, winning over crowds supporting much bigger names soon to include a run supporting As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent, Vegas Blackened Deathcore band Ov Sulfur have just released their new track and music video for “Wide Open” via their new label home

Review: “At The Gates Of Hell” by Bullet Ride

For some the journey down the left hand path is a simple one while for others it remains fraught with danger, perils and pitfalls seemingly at every fork in the road. French quintet Bullet Ride have picked themselves up and dusted themselves off more times than they care to remember over the eight long years

NEWS: Scattered Storm chase the “Necronomicon”!

Texas supergroup Scattered Storm that is comprised of seasoned musicians from Pissing Razors, No Life on Earth, Years of Cold, Mondoshawan and Section 6 unveiled their debut EP “Oblivion” earlier this summer via Blood Blast Distribution, a subsidiary of Nuclear Blast. Within its confines the EP runs on lyrical themes of darkness in various situations

Review: “Oblivion” by Scattered Storm

The men behind Scattered Storm are not new entrants to the Metal game. Seasoned musicians from the El Paso Texas scene occupy the ranks with Jay Arriaga (Drums, Keyboards, Samples) having played in Random Allusion and Years of Cold; Andre Acosta (Vocals) also belonged to Pissing Razors and Years Of Cold; Kevin Armstrong (Guitars) is currently

NEWS: Scattered Storm engage the flux capacitor…

If you missed the memo, Scattered Storm hail from El Paso, Texas and comprised of seasoned musicians Andre Acosta and Ed Razor from Pissing Razors fame with band founders Jay Arriaga (No Life on Earth, Years of Cold) and Kevin Armstrong (Mondoshawan, Section 6), who step outside of the circle of what they have done

NEWS: Scattered Storm hold the King’s card…

Left for dead in the scorching heat of the El Paso Texas sun, Scattered Storm have risen and in the summer of 2021, they are unleashing their debut EP “Oblivion” via Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast. They may have only formed in 2019 but the men behind Scattered Storm are well known in these

NEWS: Earth Eater break into “Delirium”!

Portland Oregon Technical Deathcore act Earth Eater have a new EP slated for… Sometime this year (2019)! It’s the follow up to their brutally apocalyptic debut full length “Oblivion” which, judging by the impressive artwork by Caelan Stokkermans that appears on singles “Longclaw” and “Swarm” will be called “Immortal”! In the meantime, here’s “Delirium”!