NEWS: Scattered Storm escape Oblivion?

Ahead of the 11th November release of their sophomore EP “In This Dying Sun“, El Paso Texas residents Scattered Storm have shared a music video for the title track as a second single. Taking a much darker and more progressive tone, drummer Jay Arriaga and guitarist Kevin Armstrong have been much of the driving force for the songwriting drawing inspiration from bands like Psycroptic and Cephalic Carnage with Danish mastermind Tue Madsen (Messhuggah, The Black Dahlia Murder, Heaven Shall Burn) mixing the record.

The band explain the premise of the single: “This pretty much talks about our dying planet. Or even a dying galaxy. Which resonates deeply with what we have been doing to our planet for so long and the consequences of that. Death, decay, nothing good coming out of it really. In the absence of light, there is only darkness. The song is fast and precise almost Fear Factoryish-like, but it simulates a fast and imploding galaxy.


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