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Documentary: Oceans Of Slumber on Digital Bus Invaders!

Chicago Illinois maybe the home of the Deep Dish Pizza but it’s also the place where the Digital Tour Bus cameras are rolling and for any Metal band that happens to enter the city, there are dues to be paid. This latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series finds us outside Reggies on 8th

NEWS: Oceans Of Slumber hang from the tree…

Celebrating the release of their fifth studio album “Starlight And Ash“, Texas Southern Gothic collective Oceans Of Slumber have chosen “The Hanging Tree” as the fourth single from it. A stunning record in keeping with their traditions, it’s also one to see the band Futher embrace the influences of singer songwriters like Nick Cave and

Review: “Starlight And Ash” by Oceans Of Slumber

“Sonically, I want to do our version of Nick Cave, I’m a huge fan of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen. The brooding singer-songwriter types. I’m interested in exploring the romantic side of ’90s music. I grew up on Björk, Nick Cave, Southern Rock, Motown—basically, the combinations of music you find in Texas. Here, we

NEWS: Oceans Of Slumber arise with the Sun!

Next up, something of an intriguing choice. Arguably made most famous by The Animals back in the 1960s but covered a million times since is the traditional folk song “The House Of The Rising Sun“. Surprisingly enough it is the choice of Gothic Progressive Metal act Oceans Of Slumber for their  forthcoming album “Starlight And Ash“,

NEWS: Oceans Of Slumber look to the horizon for a lighthouse!

Produced by Joel Hamilton (Violet Road, Battle of Mice), mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Voivod) and accompanied by stunning artwork created by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Heaven Shall Burn), 22nd June will see Century Media unveil the next offering from Oceans Of Slumber. Today the label has released the third single “The Lighthouse” from the record,

NEWS: Oceans Of Slumber shatter “Hearts Of Stone”!

Produced by Joel Hamilton (Violet Road, Battle of Mice) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Voivod) and with stunning artwork by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Heaven Shall Burn) Texas-based New Southern Gothic collective Oceans Of Slumber have announced that they have a blockbuster in store for us this summer. The six piece have chosen a title

NEWS: The waters rise around Oceans Of Slumber?

It may not seem like it but it has been two years since Texas Progressive Metal masters Oceans Of Slumber released their stunning self titled album via Century Media, so once again lead by the soulful power of lead vocalist Cammie Gilbert, the band have shared a new single titled “The Waters Rising” and as

Review: “Moonflowers” by Swallow The Sun

During their 20 plus year career, Swallow The Sun have been slowly but surely building a Doom-Death mountain, the like of which has been unparalleled with six studio albums before 2019’s Emma Gaala-nominated (Finnish Grammys) “When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light“. How do you surpass the qualities of something so widely held in

NEWS: Mercury Circle hold a candle for Oceans Of Slumber?

Finnish Dark Metal Supergroup Mercury Circle, who feature in their ranks former members of Children Of Bodom and Swallow The Sun have shared a music video for one of the most intriguing moments of their new album “Killing Moons“, a collaborative effort with Oceans Of Slumber vocalist Cammie Gilbert titled “Like Matches“. She is by

Review: “Ghost Dust” by All Life Dies

A long in the works side project that is the brainchild of Oceans Of Slumber and Shattered Sun guitarist Jesse Santos and was formerly known as FALL, Corpus Christi Texas based Blackened Melodic Death Metal group All Life Dies also features Oceans of Slumber bandmate Semir Ozerkan on bass alongside Joseph Martin on guitars and David