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Bootleg: “Behind A Wall Of Silence” from Heaven Shall Burn!

An all time classic played to a huge crowd at the biggest festival in Europe? “Behind A Wall Of Silence” from Heaven Shall Burn at Wacken Open Air Festival 2023 is a masterclass despite the muddy puddle. How long will we have to wait for a follow up to 2020’s “Of Truth and Sacrifice“? That

NEWS: Heaven Shall Burn enter the gates of Valhalla!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album “Veto“, German Extreme Metal masters Heaven Shall Burn have shared a music video for their cover of “Valhalla” by Blind Guardian. More aggresive than the original but retaining the epic feel, it’s one that Hansi Kürsch endorsed with a guest vocal appearance as well as joining the choir.

Documentary: One Day at Wacken with Heaven Shall Burn!

Courtesy of Dude Ranch Films, here’s a documentary that condenses a single day at the Wacken 2020 Pandemic event for Heaven Shall Burn into 3 minutes and 49 seconds. It’s the kind of behind the scenes insight that you don’t want to blink during for fear of missing something and with the bands current album 

Playthrough: “Tirpitz” from Heaven Shall Burn!

Heaven Shall Burn drummer Christian Bass has gone back to the studio to record a Tama drums endorsed playthrough video for “Tirpitz“. The track appears on the German Metal titans huge 97 minute double album “Of Truth And Sacrifice” which dropped in March via Century Media. Somehow they found time to squeeze in a cover

Playthrough: “Thoughts And Prayers” from Heaven Shall Burn!

Part guitar playthrough from Alexander Dietz and Maik Weichert from German Death Metallers Heaven Shall Burn and part Ibanez promo, Century Media have shared a video for “Thoughts And Prayers” from the bands epic, years in the making double album “Of Truth And Sacrifice“. It’s one we highly recommend.

Bootleg: Heaven Shall Burn at Summer Breeze 2017!

Not being able to go to a live show at the minute is just… It’s not acceptable. So we’re going to keep the bootlegs coming during this strange time and revel in some nostalgia. Here’s Heaven Shall Burn in 2017 at Summer Breeze Festival. A pro-shot full set that includes “Hunters Will Be Hunted” and

Interview: Heaven Shall Burn talk to Heavy New York!

Heaven Shall Burn guitarist Maik Weichert talk to Heavy New York about their 97 minute ripper of a double album “Of Truth and Sacrifice” in this freshly ground black coffee released interview! Also touching on the political messages in their music and the scene in their native Germany, it’s an intriguing watch.

NEWS: Heaven Shall Burn. Superior?

If you missed it, you can scroll back a short way and you’ll find our review of the new album from Heaven Shall Burn which was released 20th March via Century Media. We say album. It’s a double album, 97 minutes worth of high quality output from the Germans. It includes the Rammstein inspired “Ubermacht”