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NEWS: Juliet Ruin return for the crown!

The first of what the band promise is a run of singles to their next record which is going to be given to us this year, Canadians Juliet Ruin have premiered “Give Me The Crown“. This one follows almost two years to the day their last EP “Dark Waters” and plays on their trademark Molotov

NEWS: Juliet Ruin use all their “Might”…

Earlier this week we published a review of the new Juliet Ruin EP “Dark Water” and now that it has seen release, the band have shared a music video for the final single “Might“. The Edmonton Alberta Canada quintet had originally planned to release a single but after getting into the studio with Eye of

Review: “Dark Water” by Juliet Ruin

Formed from the ashes of Fiction of Fate in 2015, Juliet Ruin took the stage name that frontwoman Jess Ruin had planned to use as her own as a kind of alter ego to help create stage presence. The remaining members of the line up, Kent Geislinger (guitars and backing vocals), Wesley Rands (guitars), Cody

Interview: Juliet Ruin talk “Dark Water” with Heavy New York!

Back with a new EP after the huge success of their record “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos“, Edmundston Canadians Juliet Ruin caught up with Heavy New York to discuss “Dark Water“, a piece of work which sees them reach new vocal lows and fresh DJent fueled highs. That drops on 26th March and of course

NEWS: Juliet Ruin fight “Fake Stigmata”!

The dark water maybe enticing but there is something lurking just beneath the surface and for Canadian’s Juliet Ruin “Fake Stigmata” is just one of those things. The female fronted Djent fueled Metalcore band were on the crest of a wave with their last album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” when the World’s hour glass

NEW: Juliet Ruin suffer from Vertigo…

…Cosmic Vertigo that is. The Canadian DJent fueled band have unleashed the second single from their as yet without a release date EP “Dark Water” in “Cosmic Vertigo” with 2021 the only information they’ve provided. However we don’t expect it to be all that long as fans are champing at the bit to hear more

Playthrough: “Dark Water” from Juliet Ruin!

The next chapter of Juliet Ruin will come at some point in 2021 with a new EP entitled “Dark Water” to follow 2019’s “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos”, a record which opened many doors including opening for a couple of dates on a tour run which saw Jinjer, The Browning and Sumo Cyco in Canada.

NEWS: Juliet Ruin “Fight to Win”!

Edmonton Alberta Canada natives Juliet Ruin have got a bright future. Thanks to some serious hard work on debut full length “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” they’ve been able to secure a pair of shows opening for Jinjer, The Browning & Sumo Cyco at the end of October! They’ve shared a lyric video for “Fight

NEWS: Spiteful Juliet Ruin?!

The second single from “Old Stardust Love and Chaos”, the debut full length album from Juliet Ruin is called “Spite” with the obvious lemon and lime soft drink logo being reworked in the artwork! The Canadians will be opening for Jinjer, The Browning and Sumo Cyco on a pair of dates at the end of

Review: “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” by Juliet Ruin

Edmonton, capital of Canada’s Alberta province, sits on the North Saskatchewan River and is home to Juliet Ruin. Comprising Kent Geislinger with Guitars and Vocals, Jesse Bauman with Drums, Jess Ruin with Lead Vocals, Wesley Rands with Guitars and Cody Reid with Bass and Backing Vocals, the band have dabbled with low tuned 7 string