NEWS: Juliet Ruin fight “Fake Stigmata”!

The dark water maybe enticing but there is something lurking just beneath the surface and for Canadian’s Juliet RuinFake Stigmata” is just one of those things. The female fronted Djent fueled Metalcore band were on the crest of a wave with their last album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” when the World’s hour glass got turned on its head and so siezed the opportunity and returned to the studio. The result of those sessions will be “Dark Water“, a new four track EP set for 26th March…

The band comments: “Fake Stigmata is our third and heaviest track from our Dark Water EP, it explores darker lyrical themes and grittier vocals and instrumentals. The listening experience we are going for is a hard-edged, but catchy experience with lyrics you can shout in anger, but also it leans positive on message.

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