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Review: “Only One Mode” by Speed

There are highly anticipated records and then there is “Only One Mode” from Australian Hardcore crew Speed, a band who have been tearing up the US like a tornado with their EP “Gang Called Speed” and become a global phenomenon in the process. After all, there can’t be that many bands who have made such

NEWS: Speed got no time for the jibber jabber…

An in-your-face anthem about staying true to themselves and hardcore is the third single “Don’t Need” from the gang called Speed. That has surfaced with less than month to go before the bands debut album “Only One Mode” drops via Flatspot Records on 12th July. Festival season in Europe is in full swing before the

NEWS: Speed pass the first test with flying colours!

The cliché of all clichés is describing a record as long awaited and highly anticipated but sometimes you simply can’t avoid the fact of the matter. Australian Hardcore Homewreckers Speed have created for themselves a live reputation enough to allow them to tour the life out of the US ahead of their debut album “Only

NEWS: Speed feel the need… for love?

They don’t come that much more long awaited or highly anticipated than the debut album “Only One Mode” from Australian Hardcore crew Speed. Flatspot Records have announced that the album is an imminent arrival, pencilled in for 12th July while sharing the first cut from it in “Real Life Love“. Ain’t no doubt that the