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Playthough: Full Set from Most Precious Blood!

Pro-Shot by hate5six here’s the Most Precious Blood drum cam from their set at the final Back to School Jam in White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey on 7th September 2019. Whether the absence of Rob Fusco from the line up means no new material or not, the band seem intent to resume

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in New Jersey!

One of our favourite Metallic Hardcore bands Most Precious Blood took to the stage on 7th September at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City New Jersey, though Rob Fusco is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he’s too busy with One King Down these days. “Our Lady Annihilation” remains a firm favourite in these parts.

Throwback: “The Great Red Shift” by Most Precious Blood!

“Our Lady Of Annihilation” by Brooklyn New York Metallic Hardcore crew Most Precious Blood from 2003 that took everyone by surprise. They had formed a couple of years earlier from the ashes of another band called Indecision and were based around the axe wielding duo of Rachel Rosen and Justin Brannan. The bands second album