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NEWS: Dropout Kings. Hacktivist. July 2024!

Suburban Noize Records signed US Trap-Metal outfit Dropout Kings have announced a run of shows from Zurich to Rock la Mures Festival in Romania that will see them joined by Hacktivist for no less than six stops in the United Kingdom in July. The Milton Keynes DJentlemen have dropped a couple of recent singles which

NEWS: Hacktivist come out swinging with “Forgot About H”!

Not satisfied with the previous covers in their recorded works and wanting to freshen things up with new vocalist JJ Olifent, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have followed “Crooks and Criminals” with a reworked rendition of “Forgot About Dre” by Eminem and Dr Dre. Rebranded “Forgot About H” with lyrics that reference British life as well as

Playthrough: “Reprogram” from Hacktivist!

It might not seem possible but 2021 is the 10th Anniversary of the formation of Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist. They were one of the highlights of this summer’s Slam Dunk Festival as they rolled out cuts from their new album “Hyperdialect” including 2019 single “Reprogram“. That one saw dedicated drum cam footage of Richard Hawking

Exclusive Interview: Godgiven talk writing and recording?

Joining our series of interviews that surround bands writing and recording processes are Budapest, Hungary based Godgiven as we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Andras Gyorffy about what goes in behind the scenes with it comes to making a record like their recently released “Not That Godly“. Something of a labour of love that was

NEWS: Godgiven “The Business Show”!

After a trio of EPs, including 2014’s “Walk On The Rope” and 2016’s “Out Of The Box“,  Hungarian Metallers Godgiven took two years out to write and record a full length album. Going by the name of “Not That Godly“, it will be released in the summer with “The Business Show” chosen as the first