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NEWS: Varials have a phantom limb?

Just when you thought you’d heard it all… Nu-Metalcore merchants Varials have returned to their Fearless Records released fourth album “Scars For You To Remember” for a music video for “Phantom Power“. That feels like adding gold leaf to a Mars bar (needless opulence), but then again why not? As it happens single “The Cycle Of

Bootleg: Varials in Los Angeles California!

Freshly back on US soil following their first European tour trek with Chelsea Grin and Carnifex before Christmas, courtesy of 197 Media here’s a pro-shot full set from Varials. The show took place the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles California on 8th February as they continue to rip up the road in support of their third

NEWS: Varials circle the drain!

The highly anticipated third album from Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian Hardcore heavy hitters Varials just got a step closer with a third single in “Circles” dropping via label home Fearless Records. 14th October is the date for that one which has already seen “The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1” and “.50” appear in internet land with pre-orders

NEWS: Varials show the second of their scars…

It seems strange that “Cycle Of Violence” was the first single of the post Travis Tabron era of Varials with the vocalist having departed in 2020 but as the second single “.50” drops from the Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Nu-Metalcore outfit, it feels like a fresh start. Producer Josh Schroeder was once again at the helm for

NEWS: Varials return with “The Cycle Of Violence”!

After what feels like forever given the band shared sporadic writing session videos between May 2020 and June 2021, Philadelphia  Pennsylvanians Varials have returned with new single “The Cycle Of Violence” via Fearless Records. There is no indication of what comes next in terms of album or EP although it is tagged with “Chapter 1″

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #5!

The ache of the wait between the footage of Varials recording new material seems to get longer and longer each time. The first part was released in May 2020, now 13 months ago but finally we officially are at part #5 codenamed “Beach Time Baby“. It looks like they’re tracking in a rented house by

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #4!

After another three months of silence, Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Metallic Hardcore mob Varials have thrown us the fourth part of their life in quarantine series that sees them back in the studio. They’re working with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Gift Giver) on their as yet unnamed third album, the follow up to 2019’s “In Darkness” and this

Playthrough: Full Set from Varials!

Returning to Bloodaxe Fest at Club Citta in Kawasaki Japan on 21st September 2019, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Varials sticksman Sean Rauchut playing the full set. Vocalist Travis Tabron exited stage left earlier this year and after a run with Boundaries frontman Matt McDougal filling in, we’ve seen footage of the band back

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #3!

Some four months after the last episode of their life in quarantine series that essentially documents them recording their third album, Varials have dropped part #3. Still to unveil their new vocalist, this one sees them playing piano, noodling on guitars and manipulating parts on a computer. We’re wondering if their t-shirts are a subtle