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Documentary: Varials Recording new material #5!

The ache of the wait between the footage of Varials recording new material seems to get longer and longer each time. The first part was released in May 2020, now 13 months ago but finally we officially are at part #5 codenamed “Beach Time Baby“. It looks like they’re tracking in a rented house by

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #4!

After another three months of silence, Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Metallic Hardcore mob Varials have thrown us the fourth part of their life in quarantine series that sees them back in the studio. They’re working with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Gift Giver) on their as yet unnamed third album, the follow up to 2019’s “In Darkness” and this

Playthrough: Full Set from Varials!

Returning to Bloodaxe Fest at Club Citta in Kawasaki Japan on 21st September 2019, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Varials sticksman Sean Rauchut playing the full set. Vocalist Travis Tabron exited stage left earlier this year and after a run with Boundaries frontman Matt McDougal filling in, we’ve seen footage of the band back

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #3!

Some four months after the last episode of their life in quarantine series that essentially documents them recording their third album, Varials have dropped part #3. Still to unveil their new vocalist, this one sees them playing piano, noodling on guitars and manipulating parts on a computer. We’re wondering if their t-shirts are a subtle

Playthrough: Full Set from Varials!

All has gone quiet from the Varials camp since a couple of initial fly on the wall pieces of studio footage appeared of them recording album number three and yet to announce their new vocalist. So while we wait for an update on that and the album itself, here’s dedicated drum cam footage from their

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Bleeding” with Varials!

Talking about Errick Easterday, he was bringing the camera along with Crust Young and Mike Foley for the music video for “Bleeding” by Varials. This behind the scenes footage from that shoot offers up an insight into how the band have been operating but the real question is whether Boundaries vocalist Matt McDougal will be

Documentary: Varials Tour Diary!

We’ll be honest and say Boundaries vocalist Matt McDougal was the last person we expected to step into Travis Tabron’s Varials shoes but to be fair to him, he’s absolutely killed it live. They’re thrown out this 15 minute tour diary mashup that splices together live footage with some crazy moments and it’s hilarious! “In

Playthrough: “South Of One” from Varials!

Varials drummer Sean Rauchut was filmed on drum cam laying down one of the stand out tracks on their sophomore album “In Darkness” for a sold out crowd. The studio version of the track sees Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy make a guest appearance but all we want to know is… Will Boundaries vocalist Matt McDougal

Bootleg: Varials in Lakewood Ohio!

Whether it’s permanent or not, Boundaries vocalist Matt McDougal has been fronting Varials of late. 10th March 2020 saw them bring “In Darkness” to The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio with “South Of One” and “Empire Of Dirt” both in the set. There are a few microphone cut outs in the vocals but it’s

Bootleg: Varials at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California!

There doesn’t appear to be an official announcement about who the new Varials vocalist is after Travis Tabron exited the band last month but in this Pro-Shot set at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 15th February filmed by 197 Media, Boundaries Matt McDougal is on the microphone. The set includes “South Of Numb“, “In