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Playthrough: “Kept Silent” by Pale Path!

Thanking his sponsors, Pale Path drummer Wiktor Niezgoda was recorded and edited by Grain Visuals run by Sergey Stovba for this playthrough video of “Kept Silent” from the bands September 2019 EP “Primal“. You can check out the Polish quintet’s release over at bandcamp

Review: “Primal” EP by Pale Path

Warsaw Poland is the home of Pale Path, a five piece act who simply say that genre doesn’t matter. The quintet of Krystian “Kryśka” Łukaszczyk (Vocals), Dawid Rydz (Guitar), Wiktor Niezgoda (Drums), Chris Maciaszek (Guitar) and Aleks Głowacki (Bass) are too busy creating a sound that they enjoy from the inspirations of their peers and