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Playthrough: “Cyclops” from Cyclops Cataract!

After a sneak peak at a new song on to bring in the new year, Aberdeen Scotland based Blackened Death Metallers Cyclops Cataract have returned to their debut EP “Swallow the World” to give allow Scott Hogg to give us guitar playthrough video for “Cyclops“. That EP opened the doors for their debut full length

NEWS: Cyclops Cataract sneak peak new song!

One of the albums that was a cigarette paper away from getting onto our top #5 list of 2021 was “The Bestiary” by Cyclops Cataract; so good in fact that not only did we interview them twice but we went back and reviewed their debut EP “Swallow The World” shortly thereafter. The Aberdeen Scotland based

Review: “Swallow the World” by Cyclops Cataract

Before their stunning Cinematic Death Metal album “The Bestiary” that explores Scottish mythology and landed them a deal with Planet K Records (Kneel, Hadal, Devistating Light)  along with critical acclaim, Cyclops Cataract unleashed hell on the unsuspecting masses with “Swallow The World“. Describing themselves in September 2020 as “a metal band from Aberdeen, Scotland. We

The Black Map #176: Cyclops Cataract from Aberdeen!

Heading from Shrewsbury to Aberdeen for this week’s entry in our Black book of the UK Metal Underground scene that we like to call The Black Map, we turn our attentions to another one of the lesser lights of heaven in Cyclops Cataract. Having begun their work with a debut EP in “Swallow The World”

Playthrough: “Watchful” from KNEEL!

Multi instrumentalist Pedro Mau has got back behind the kit for a drum playthrough video for “Watchful” from 2020’s “Ailment” by KNEEL. The cut is one that features a guest vocal appearance from Equaleft frontman Miguel Ingles and while Pau complains he doesn’t have enough practice time, it sounds pretty damn good, especially as the

NEWS: Cyclops Cataract find the Loch Ness Monster…

…and Cyclops Cataract are calling it “Devil Of The Sea” with a phycological and slightly disturbing black and white music video that echoes what might have happened in the minds of those subjected to LSD trials in the 1950’s. It has appeared week after the release of the Blackened Death Metal bands debut album “The

Review: “The Bestiary” by Cyclops Cataract

As the Winter of discontent approached with the World gripped by a Great Plague, five like minded individuals were brought together by unearthly forces plot the downfall of man as Cyclops Cataract. They started with  “Swallow The World” that aligns the planets of Death and Black Metal to create a eclipse that shrouds the planet

NEWS: Cyclops Cataract sign to Planet K for “The Bestiary”!

The pungent smell of rotting flesh in the air as a Bestiary, a collection of different beastly creatures roam free in the North of Scotland as the Black Metal collective known simply as Cyclops Cataract have inked a deal with Planet K Records (Kneel, Hadal, Devistating Light) for their debut album “The Bestiary“. A concept record with