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Bootleg: Terror at Brutal Assault!

As dramatic as the headline sounds, with a number of US bands including Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals exiting stage left from this years incarnation of Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic due to the Global situation, the organizers have decided to share some pro-shot full sets from the past to remind us just

Bootleg: “Bound to the Burn” from Counterparts!

They may have only played one show in the whole of the year that was 2021 but during their set at The Palladium in Worcester Massachusetts on 30th December, Canadian Melodic Hardcore quintet Counterparts took the opportunity to perform a previously unheard new song. Going by the name “Bound to the Burn“, it’s the first

Playthrough: Full Set from Stick To Your Guns!

“She screams oh, I’ve had enough please make this go, This sea is rough and I’m drowning slow, Her mind numbing pain has her lost in the undertow, I just wish she knew she didn’t have to be alone” Dedicated drum cam footage of Stick To Your Guns sticksman George Schmitz behind the kit at

Bootleg: Stick To Your Guns in Anaheim California!

There is only one venue where everyone is on the Guestlist and that is the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California where this full set from Stick To Your Guns was pro-shot by 197 Media on 17th November. February saw an acoustic EP titled “The Meaning Remains” from the well respected quintet who are fast

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at Rolling Stone Studios!

A short and yet oh so sweet set from Oldham Kentucky Metallica Hardcore Kings Knocked Loose at Rolling Stone Studios has surfaced that sees them tear through five cuts in 17 minutes including “Mistakes Like Fractures“. Last month saw them surprise release a new EP “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” while February will see

Review: “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” by Knocked Loose

“It’s a story about extreme grief and the levels a person is willing to go through to get rid of it. The story follows a main character through a traumatic car crash late one night in the woods that leaves his partner deceased, and from there you spiral with him into the depression and guilt

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Philadelphia!

For those who don’t know, on 13th October Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore homewreckers Knocked Loose dropped an anvil heavy new EP called “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” alongside a disturbing animated featurette. In the 3 days that have followed on Spotify alone the EP has racked up 646,668 streams, which goes to show

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at Chain Reaction!

It very much looks like when Kentucky Metallic Hardcore homewreckers Knocked Loose coming swinging across Europe with Terror at the turn of the year the band could well have new material in the offering. They’re certainly teasing something via social media and chances are Will Putney (Body Count, Fit For An Autopsy) has had something

Bootleg: Chamber in Lakewood Ohio!

Courtesy of Leo Sypniewski, here’s a pro-shot full set from Chamber at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio. Filmed on 13th August it sees the Nashville, Tennessee based Metallic Hardcore crew ripping, pulling and tearing through cuts from their  producer Randy LaBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan) 2020 album “Cost of Sacrifice”. Pure Noise