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NEWS: Terra IV put one in the chamber and spin the wheel…

Almost a year after their sophomore EP “Poison IV” caused a disturbance in the fabric of space and time thanks to guitarist Timfy James using more strings than strictly necessarily in his endless pursuit of DJent perfection, Terra IV have offered up a new single in “Russian Roulette“. The former Heart Of A Coward and

Exclusive Interview: Toxicon talk “Be The Fire & Wish For The Wind”!

A band with a flagrant disregard for genre boundaries who simply create what sounds good to them, Australian Alternative Metal act Toxicon recently released new album “Be The Fire & Wish For The Wind”, as a sophomore record that has a little bit of everything and so much more. Thrash, Nu-Metal, Progressive, Symphonic and Alternative,

NEWS: Terra IV in paradise city?

Borrowing a line from a Coolio classic, Terra IV have premiered a new single titled “Gangsters“, which they’re calling “A direct response and retaliation to the box in which the powers at the top try to keep us in. It’s time for the voices of the unheard to be heard and the people in the

Review: “Be The Fire And Wish For The Wind” by Toxicon

Formed in 2014 with roots that go back to 2012 Australian Metallers Toxicon self describe as a “Hybrid Metal” act who like to experiment with Thrash, Nu-Metal, Progressive and Alternative Metal in forging their sound. The quintet were liberated by the release of their debut album “Purge” in 2016 and after a couple of tour

NEWS: Terra IV are “Back To Life” at Bloodstock!

Another band announced for the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2021 are Terra IV, a project that blend DJent fueled riffs with gritty Rap and Grime vocals from current and former members of Heart of a Coward, Hacktivist and Purge. Their debut EP “Chaos Makes The Muse” dropped at the end of

NEWS: Terra IV premier “Hopeless” first single!

If Purge and FLUX weren’t enough former Hacktivist and Heart of a Coward guitarist Timfy James has rolled up his sleeves, picked up one of his drop E tuned 8 string guitars and brought a new project to the table. Going by the name Terra IV the band have premiered their first single in the

NEWS: Purge believe “Less and Less”?

It seems that not only is former Hactivist and Heart of a Coward guitarist Timfy James a fine musician but with single “Less and Less” from his new project Purge, he’s also produced the track at his very own Old School Studios and then gone and shot and produced a music video for it. Hat’s

Playthrough: “Influenza” from Purge!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Purge… They’re a band who feature members and former members of Heart of a Coward, Hacktivist and FLUX hailing from Milton Keynes and at the moment have just the one single in their collection – “Influenza“, which has audio produced by guitarist Timfy James at Old School Studios, who

NEWS: In Depths subject us to “Chemical Release”!

Having been forced to abandon a string of live shows with Monasteries, Red Method and Krysthla to name but a few, Chester Deathcore quartet In Depths could have held their new material back, but instead chose to road less traveled and have thrown “Chemical Release” at us. As with their debut full length “Devil In

Playthrough: “Influenza” from Purge!

When former Hacktivist and Heart of a Coward guitarist Timfy James debuted his new project Purge with the single “Influenza” there was no telling what would come next. So he’s released this guitar playthrough for the track which sees him using the new Neural DSP Fortin Cali suite that the track was recorded with. The man