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Bootleg: Realm Of Torment at Donfest!

If those who don’t fear death never die, is that simply because the dark lord of the underverse has no soul to prey upon? Filmed by Underground Metal scene legends David Tan and Sean Pitcam here’s a full set from Realm Of Torment at Donfest in Leeds on Saturday 9th April. There’s going to be

Bootleg: Realm of Torment at Camden Underworld!

A month after the release of album number four “Ytene’s Collapse” from Southampton Metalcore outfit Realm of Torment came this appearance at the iconic Camden Underworld on 23rd September. Courtesy of David Tan we also get dedicated drum cam footage of Andy Newman as he hammers out the set, all pro-shot by the underground King.

NEWS: Realm Of Torment signal the collapse…

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Monolith Studios in London, Realm Of Torment are preparing for the release of their third long player “Ytene’s Collapse” on 19th August. Utilizing the skills of Sean Pitcam they’ve dropped a video for latest single “Dissolution” while also mentioning the availability of the record on not only vinyl but cassette

Bootleg: Realm of Torment in Birmingham!

Remembering the fact that “Those Who Don’t Fear Death Never Die“, Southampton Metalcore mob Realm of Torment rolled up on Muthers Studio on Saturday 24th July and had the whole set captured for your viewing pleasure by the Underground Metal scene dream team of David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Greg Hall. The band have been

Playthrough: Full set from Realm of Torment!

Back in 2018 we witnessed Realm of Torment tear up the Engine Rooms in their home town of Southampton as the opening act at a Suicide Silence headlining show. Fast forward to Sunday 3rd November 2019 and the Metalcore quintet played The Dome in London. David Tan recorded dedicated drum cam footage of Andrew Newman.

Bootleg: Realm Of Torment in London!

Way back in April 2019, we put Southampton Metallers Realm Of Torment on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene (Trademark, Patient applied for) in edition #52. The lit up the Tufnell Park Dome in London on Sunday 3rd November 2019 and were captured doing so by David Tan, Owen Diplock & Kathryn

The Black Map #52: Realm of Torment from Southampton!

What’s in a name? What’s in a genre or sub-genre tag? When your band label themselves as “Metalcore” in 2019 it can literally mean just about anything. So much so that often the word “Metalcore” is used to replace the word “Metal”. So your band is a five piece with a twin guitar attack and