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Review: “Built From War” by Upon A Burning Body

Throughout their career, San Antonio Texas natives Upon A Burning Body have style shifted between records. Starting out as a Death Metal band, then switching to Deathcore and even Party Deathcore with Metallic Hardcore leanings they partially reinvented their sound with their last album, June 2019’s “Southern Hostility“. A Groove Metal affair with Pantera and

Review: “Southern Hostility” by Upon A Burning Body

Returning for their fifth studio album in 9 years, San Antonio Texas Metallers Upon A Burning Body worked for 2 months with Producer Christopher Mora and Guitarist Ruben Alvarez younger brother Thomas Alvarez (who is given a co-producer credit) on returning to their roots and making an album that injects fresh ideas into their sound.

Bootleg: “Sin City” from Upon A Burning Body!

It’s time we had another one from Texans Upon A Burning Body on their current tour with Nekrogoblikon. Filmed at the Trixie’s Entertainment Complex Tiger Room in Louisville Kentucky on 13th September as part of the “Bill & Shred’s Excellent Tour-Venture” tour, here’s “Red. White. Green.” classic “Sin City”!