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NEWS: Upon A Burning Body go independent with “An Insatiable Hunger”!

A month after they played The Hot Topic Stage of Texas So What?! Festival alongside Slaughter To Prevail, Bodysnatcher and VCTMS, the return of Upon A Burning Body with their first single since 2022’s “Fury” has arrived. Titled “An Insatiable Hunger” it finds the Party Deathcore turned Groove Metal outfit going independent having left label

Bootleg: Upon A Burning Body in Chicago!

Including “Texas Blood Money“, “Already Broken” and “King Of Diamonds“, a near hour long pro-shot full set from San Antonio Texas natives Deathcore turned Groove Metal upstarts Upon A Burning Body at Reggie’s in Chicago Illinois has surfaced courtesy of Chevy Studios. It’s not rough around the edges either as it has mastered audio from Joe

Interview: Upon A Burning Body talk “Fury” with Heavy New York!

For some reason Upon A Burning Body always makes us think of Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk Till Dawn“… Celebrating a decade of their seminal crossover Deathcore album “Red.White.Green” as well as new album “Fury”,  guitarist Ruben Alvarez drops in to chat with Heavy New York with the chat as far reaching as the bands appearance

Bootleg: Upon A Burning Body at The Paper Tiger!

With new album “Fury” returning them to their Deathcore roots after a couple of Pantera inspired Groove Metal efforts, it feels very much like San Antonio Texas quartet Upon A Burning Body are now where they should be. Footage of “5×3“, “King Of Diamonds” and “Sin City” from 29th May at The Paper Tiger which

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body live by the code!

With new album “Fury” offering something of a return to their Deathcore roots following some dabbling in Groove Metal, Texas heat bringers Upon A Burning Body have selected “Code Of Honour” for a classic pyrotechnic heavy music video. They’re currently on the Chaos & Carnage Tour stateside that sees Suicide Silence and  Carnifex co-headling with

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body follow Sepultura back to Roots?

They maybe built from war but with new single “A New Responsibility” it seems that San Antonio Texas Metallers Upon A Burning Body are returning to their roots. The single is the latest from their upcoming new Seek & Strike Records releasing album “Fury” which drops 6th May and comes with a video directed by

Review: “Built From War” by Upon A Burning Body

Throughout their career, San Antonio Texas natives Upon A Burning Body have style shifted between records. Starting out as a Death Metal band, then switching to Deathcore and even Party Deathcore with Metallic Hardcore leanings they partially reinvented their sound with their last album, June 2019’s “Southern Hostility“. A Groove Metal affair with Pantera and

Review: “Southern Hostility” by Upon A Burning Body

Returning for their fifth studio album in 9 years, San Antonio Texas Metallers Upon A Burning Body worked for 2 months with Producer Christopher Mora and Guitarist Ruben Alvarez younger brother Thomas Alvarez (who is given a co-producer credit) on returning to their roots and making an album that injects fresh ideas into their sound.

Bootleg: “Sin City” from Upon A Burning Body!

It’s time we had another one from Texans Upon A Burning Body on their current tour with Nekrogoblikon. Filmed at the Trixie’s Entertainment Complex Tiger Room in Louisville Kentucky on 13th September as part of the “Bill & Shred’s Excellent Tour-Venture” tour, here’s “Red. White. Green.” classic “Sin City”!