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NEWS: Ritual Dictates run with the Wolves?

Having undergone major surgery with a style shift as they explored Gothic and Symphonic influences with their last album “No Great Loss“, Vancouver Canadians Ritual Dictates who feature in their ranks former members of 3 Inches Of Blood and Revocation, have gone feral with a cover of “Buffalo Run” by Orville Peck. For those not in

NEWS: Revocation dance with death?

Director David Brodsky (Clutch, Killswitch Engage) has been kept busy of late, this time with US Progressive Death Metal Masters Revocation wanting to keep their name in the headlines with another music video from their eighth studio album “Netherheaven“. The cut of choice is “Godforsaken” with Metal Blade Records handling the distribution.

Documentary: 40 Years of Metal Blade Records!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Metal Blade Records, a collection of artists signed to the label including Dave Davidson of Revocation and Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse share their favourite deep cuts from the label history. If you’re short on a Christmas present for someone then “The Sake of Heaviness: the History of Metal Blade

Documentary: Revocation and Krisiun on Bus Invaders!

No vans were involved in the making of this latest episode of Bus Invaders from the Digital Tour Bus crew because Revocation, Krisiun, Alluvial and Inoculation know how to travel in style. They even took a full on charcoal grill so they can BBQ on the off dates as material from “Netherheaven” and “Mortem Solis”

Review: “Doomsday Psalm” by Dystopia A.D.

When distilled down to the bare essentials, Dystopia A.D. is a project masterminded by Chris Whitby who somehow has managed to perform vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming to breath life into his vision. That leaves Aki Shishido to add some mesmerising lead guitar work and Charlie Munro responsible for drum arrangement, mixing and

NEWS: Ritual Dictates suffer the pain of growing old?

Ritual Dictates who are formed of former members of 3 Inches Of Blood and Revocation have followed up the October release of new album “No Great Loss” with the release of a music video for “Succumbing To The Ravages Of Age“. The new album finds them having mellowed out and taken an altogether different fork in

Review: “No Great Loss” by Ritual Dictates

Back in 2014 Vancouver, British Columbia based musicians Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson got together and recorded 2020’s “Give In To Despair“, an album that saw them through the conventions they were known for in aggressive Death Thrash out of the window. Instead they continued down the left hand path fusing together a collection of

Interview: Ritual Dictates talk “No Great Loss” with Belgian Jasper!

When former Revocation and 3 Inches Of Blood pairing Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson released “Give In To Despair” as new project Ritual Dictates two years ago it had everything you’d expect from them with Death, Thrash and Grindcore influences in the melting pot. Their sophomore album “No Great Loss” however is an entirely different

Interview: Revocation talk “Netherheaven” with Belgian Jasper!

Another day another interview with Revocation? Well they’ve got an astounding new album in “Netherheaven” out now, one which was four years in the making, so they’ve got a lot to talk about! Conceptually the band explore the allegorical and literal aspects of Hell as they dig deeper into the darker, more diabolical side of

Interview: Revocation talk “Netherheaven” with The Metal Tris!

Three years since their last conversation Revocation mastermind Dave Davidson chats with The Metal Tris in this new interview about the bands new album “Netherheaven” for which Davidson became a producer for the first time. While they talk about the writing and themes of the record they also take a few moments to reminisce about