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NEWS: Revocation on Vinyl once more from Relapse Records!

Why have a regular meal when you can go large and have a desert? Relapse Records have taken that approach with American Technical Death Metal outfit Revocation and re-issued four of the bands records on vinyl and compact disc as well as offering classic album t-shirts. Those records are 2009’s “Existence Is Futile“, 2011’s “Chaos

NEWS: Carnifex get ripped in half…

As the barn burns to the ground and OG Deathcore pioneers Carnifex watch on with kerosine and matches in their bloodstained hands, the time ticks down to their European tour with Aborted, Revocation and Vexed. There are a trio of shows in the United Kingdom at the end of March in support of new album

Interview: Revocation talk “Netherheaven” with Belgian Jasper!

While American Progressive Death Metal act Revocation were in Toronto, Belgian Jasper took a moment to chat with guitarist and vocalist Dave Davidson about life on the road, new music and Cannibal Corpse. The bands current album “Netherheaven” is fast approaching 14 months old and so another record about confronting Lucifer could be on the

Bootleg: Revocation in Brooklyn New York!

Courtesy of Max Volume Silence and with audio from Bryan Batiste, a pro-shot full set that finds Revocation at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York on 29th September is now available in Internet Land. Including “Godforsaken“, “The Intervening Abyss of Untold Aeons” and “Dismantle the Dictator” it finds the Progressive Death Metal outfit in

NEWS: Dååth and Revocation pay tribute to Morbid Angel!

Continuing down the path of waterfall releasing a seemingly endless amount of new singles (we’d love to know how big the stockpile is and how long they’ve been working on them) are returning Death Metal mercenaries Dååth who have unveiled a cover of the Morbid Angel classic “Where The Slime Live“.  This one features a

Documentary: Revocation drum rig rundown!

From the kick to the snare, Revocation drummer Ash Pearson goes through his entire drum rig for the bands “Netherheaven” touring activities in this new featurette from Metal Blade Records. As if not content with that, he goes on the demonstrate using it in a playthrough video for “9th Chasm” from the Progressive Death Metal

Interview: Revocation talk touring disaster with Belgian Jasper!

It has to be said that Revocation, Skeletal Remains, Morbid Angel, Vitriol and Crypta have had to endure some terrible luck on their current tour together. A tornado destroyed a venue they were due to play at, tragically taking the life of a fan while crushing Crypta’s RV and putting them back $60k. That’s before

Bootleg: Revocation in Cincinnati Ohio!

Courtesy of Backwoods Films here’s a full set from Revocation in Cincinnati Ohio at Riverfront Live (formerly Annie’s) on 7th April as they continue to tear up the road with Crypta, Vitriol and Morbid Angel. The bands survived a Tornado at The Apollo Theatre in Belvidere Illinois with Crypta’s RV being destroyed in the process.

NEWS: Ritual Dictates run with the Wolves?

Having undergone major surgery with a style shift as they explored Gothic and Symphonic influences with their last album “No Great Loss“, Vancouver Canadians Ritual Dictates who feature in their ranks former members of 3 Inches Of Blood and Revocation, have gone feral with a cover of “Buffalo Run” by Orville Peck. For those not in