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Playthrough: “Gallows Hill” from Sadistic Embodiment!

Vocal playthrough? How else do vocalists get some extra rehearsals in? One man who doesn’t need any additional practice is Jason Cullen of Sadistic Embodiment. The Canadian Death Metal vocalist and guitarist has however been doing exactly that and here’s his fresh take on “Gallows Hill” from the bands recently released monstrous album “Blood Spell“.

Playthrough: “Stranger” from Sadistic Embodiment!

After a holy trinity of venomus EPs, September 2020 saw debut full-length album “Blood Spell” from Canadian Death Metallers Sadistic Embodiment, a Colossus of a record, made all the greater by the drumming of Bryan “Newbs” Newbury. Taking influence from the likes of Gene Hoglan, Neil Peart and Vinnie Paul shape his style and love

Review: “Blood Spell” by Sadistic Embodiment

Conceived in late 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada by Bryan James Newbury (Drums) who you may know from both Into Eternity and  Untimely Demise; Jason Cullen (Rhythm Guitar); Curtis Vieville (Bass); Wally Fischer (Lead Guitar) form Sadistic Embodiment, a band known for creating catchy Death Metal. After a couple of line up changes and a

NEWS: The “Phantom Tormentor” seeks it’s revenge on Sadistic Embodiment!

Canadians Sadistic Embodiment will be unleashing their new album “Blood Spell” on 18th September via CDN Records and have thrown to the Wolves a third single“Phantom Tormentor” to get us excited. The track itself is all about the dark personal experiences of guitarist Wally Fischer, including nightmares, post-traumatic stress, and hallucinations with driving extreme rhythm mixes and tortured

NEWS: The story of “Gallows Hill” from Sadistic Embodiment!

Following up first single “Catherine’s Braid”, Sadistic Embodiment have chosen “Gallows Hill”, a thrash riff infused, high-energy mosher with lyrics reminiscing of a brutal and unforgiving historic time as their second from new album “Blood Spell” on September 18th via CDN Records. It follows the holy trinity of EPs from the Canadians in 2019’s “Beloved Imprisonment” and

NEWS: Sadistic Embodiment chop off “Catherine’s Braid”?

After a trio of EPs, Calgary and Edmonton based Canadian Death Metallers Sadistic Embodiment (Into Eternity, Untimely Demise) have chosen “Catherine’s Braid” as the first single from their debut full length album “Blood Spell“. That is set for 18th September via CDN Records and described as being like a pungent black onion of many layers