NEWS: The “Phantom Tormentor” seeks it’s revenge on Sadistic Embodiment!

Canadians Sadistic Embodiment will be unleashing their new album “Blood Spell” on 18th September via CDN Records and have thrown to the Wolves a third single“Phantom Tormentor” to get us excited. The track itself is all about the dark personal experiences of guitarist Wally Fischer, including nightmares, post-traumatic stress, and hallucinations with driving extreme rhythm mixes and tortured vocals along with plenty of subliminal content throughout.


Fischer explains: “Originally written very shortly after our 2019 EP ‘Beloved Imprisonment’, this song in its early form was part of our set list throughout 2019, but parting ways with our vocalist meant this song needed new lyrics. 2019 and 2020 was a brutal time in my personal life. Waking up in cold sweats, tormenting nightmares, and conscious anguish was a constant. One such night, I woke up and felt darkly inspired. While watching streams of abstract horror games on YouTube in the background, I wrote the lyrics chronicling my emotions. The recording transcended this song from its original form, and I think many will find it speaks to their own demons, both internal and external.”

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