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Playthrough: “Wild Trip on a Legless Horse” from Scuzz!

Filmed at The Duck Room in St. Louis Missouri on 2nd October, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Scuzz sticksman Michael Girard playing “Wild Trip on a Legless Horse” from the bands sophomore album “Volatile Doom“. The audio is a blend of camera microphone and board courtesy of Jandro Montero and if you missed the

Bootleg: Scuzz in St. Louis!

Filmed by fan and friend Jim Girard at Red Flag in St. Louis Missouri on 9th July 2021, here’s a full set from rowdy instrumental trio Scuzz who create an intoxicating brew of riff-heavy stoner hymns, punk rock, doom and psychedelic elements that sound like a mind trip. If you missed their last burnt offering “Volatile

Review: “Red Giant” by Lucius Fox

There are concepts and then there is “Red Giant“, an EP consisting of three loud, abrasive tracks covering the subject matter of an ancient ship-sinking weapon designed by Archimedes, a huge carnivorous prehistoric whale and the sun engulfing the inner planets in 7.9 billion years. That might sound like a big pair of subjects to

Review: “Apart” by Cornea

Recorded during the summer of 2019 at Rocketbooster Studio in Padova, engineered by GG Rock and Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio in Faenza, “Apart” is the work of Italian trio Cornea. An instrumental trio who take the mantra “We are the sound of what your eyes don’t see“, Nicola Mel (Guitars, synths,

Review: “Volatile Doom” by Scuzz

Recorded live at Graveless Studios during the Great Plague of 2020 before being mixed and mastered by drummer Michael Girard the new album from Scuzz has arrived. Hailing form St. Louis Missouri, by the side of the Mississippi River is where the rowdy instrumental trio (rounded out by guitarist Donny Thurmon and bassist Jandro Montero,