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NEWS: Scuzz bark at the Moon!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Girard at Graveless Studios and accompanied by a video created by bassist Jandro Montero, St. Louis, Missouri Stoner Doom Metal trio Scuzz have shared an alternate version of “Super Blood Wolf Moon” from their 2020 album “Volatile Doom” with vocals from Nick Geller of Synthetic Sun fame. It’s the

Bootleg: Scuzz at 420 Stoner Metal-O-Doom Fest!

Having escaped from the basement, creators of classics including “Bong Rips From The Grave” and “Volatile Doom” in St. Louis Missouri based Scuzz took to the stage at 420 Stoner Metal-O-Doom Fest on 22nd April. Caught on camera, part of their rowdy instrumental blend of Punk Rock, Doom and Psychedelic Stoner Metal riff worship music

Review: “On the Earth, Under the Sky” by Wildeornes

Billed as something of a double concept album “On the Earth, Under the Sky” is said to continue the lyrical exploration of Eastern and Western existential philosophy, deep ecology, and Celtic, Anglo Saxon and Norse mythologies as Australians Wildeornes (pronounced wilderness) live by the code of go big or go home. Their fourth album, it

Review: “Ice Cold Oblivion” by Mammoth Caravan

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Tedford (Iron Tongue, Ghost Bones, Terminal Nation) at Wolfman Studios, the debut album from Little Rock Arkansas Sludge infused Doom trio Mammoth Caravan is concept record about about a primitive nomad chasing a baby mammoth from the herd. Built on the foundation of gold and bones that is their

NEWS: Scuzz premier a cut with vocals…

St. Louis, Missouri Instrumental Progressive Doom trio Scuzz, whom we called the perfect band to score a dark Robert Rodriguez film when they release their 2020 record “Volatile Doom“, have returned with a re-released version of the title track and accompanying music video that has new vocal track from their good friend Taylor Spinks. Only

Review: “Self Titled” by Azken Auzi

Searching for catharsis and an outlet through which to explore the darker and tormented side of their understanding of music, a trio of seasoned veterans known for their work in Death Metal act Maniac and Noisy Rock outfit Tom Is Fat, embarked on a journey into Sludge infused Doom Metal. Taking the moniker Azken Auzi, meaning

Review: “A Fate Unbroken” by Ninth Realm

Maryland might be known as a hotbed of Death Metal but variety is the spice of life and so in 2018 Crossover Thrash quintet Ninth Realm formed, inspired by the likes of Slayer and Demolition Hammer era Thrash Metal. The twist in the tale is that their lyricism is in a quintessentially raw fantasy style

Playthrough: “Wild Trip on a Legless Horse” from Scuzz!

Since they caught our attention back in 2017 with the almighty “Bong Rips from the Grave“, St. Louis Missouri instrumental trio Scuzz have been conducting the kind of alchemy that commands attention, blending elements of Doom and Sludge with Psychedelic and even Punk Rock to create what they describe as an “intoxicating brew of riff-heavy

Playthrough: “Wild Trip on a Legless Horse” from Scuzz!

Filmed at The Duck Room in St. Louis Missouri on 2nd October, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Scuzz sticksman Michael Girard playing “Wild Trip on a Legless Horse” from the bands sophomore album “Volatile Doom“. The audio is a blend of camera microphone and board courtesy of Jandro Montero and if you missed the