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Interview: Malevolence on The Downbeat Podcast!

Having witnessed them create possibly the biggest circle pit for an opening band ever seen at the Hammersmith Apollo this past weekend when they set the pace for Heaven Shall Burn and Trivium, Alex Taylor and Charlie Thorpe from Malevolence join Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds for another episode of The Downbeat Podcast.

Bootleg: “Higher Place” from Malevolence at Bloodstock!

Sheffield Shredders Malevolence will soon be crossing some of Europe’s great divides as they open a co-headlining tour that will find Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn alternating in different countries. Back in the summer they were one of the many highlights of Bloodstock Open Air Festival with pro-shot footage of “Higher Place” from the Sophie

Bootleg: “Self Supremacy” from Malevolence!

Is it a coincidence that Bloodstock Open Air Festival have decided to air “Self Supremacy” from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence on the day that frontman Alex Taylor’s guest vocal appearance on the new Lionheart album “Welcome To The West Coast III” appeared? This one is from the Sophie Lancaster main stage ahead of that European Tour

Interview: Malevolence talk “Malicious Intent” with Heavy New York!

You know what they say. When in Rome… Talk to Heavy New York! Malevolence vocalist Alex Taylor did exactly that, the discussion mixing talk of their new album “Malicious Intent” with lyrical process, influences and of course their legendary live shows. The Sheffield Shredders will be opening across Europe for the co-headlining tour between Trivium

NEWS: Malevolence seek the higher place…

Returning to their Nuclear Blast debut “Malicious Intent“, Sheffield shredders Malevolence have unveiled a music video for  “Higher Place“. A cut which takes the band into previously unexplored territory while taking them outside of their comfort zone as it takes on themes of loss, revenge and the knife-crime epidemic in a video directed by Gabriel

Bootleg: Malevolence at the Temple Of Boom!

Pro-shot by Sean Pitcam on 16th December, here’s a full set from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence as they reduced Leeds iconic Temple Of Boom to rubble during a run of shows that came in the wake of the announcement that January 2023 will see them joining Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn as the Florida outfit bring “In

Bootleg: “Outside” from Malevolence!

If you could have picked one song for Sheffield Shredders Malevolence to cover, what would you pick? “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed might be the first pick. But strangely enough, recorded on 25th September at Dig Brew in Birmingham as part of the celebration of the new Trivium album “In The Court Of The Dragon“,

Bootleg: Full set from Malevolence at Bloodstock!

After some individual tracks cut from the set spilled out since the event took place it might have seemed like a given that the full pro-shot set from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence at this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock would appear sooner or later, but that hasn’t always been that case. Fortunately the powers that be have

Documentary: Malevolence drum rig for album #3!

Earlier this week Sheffield Shredders Malevolence shared pictures of themselves working on their next album, which is exactly the kind of good news that we wanted to hear in 2021. Drummer Charlie Thorpe takes us through the drum rig the band will be using for the release, a Tama Starclassic and then gives us a