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Playthrough: “Chainbreaker” from Shrine Of Malice!

As if running up a whole host of guest appearances of late wasn’t enough for Shrine Of Malice vocalist Greg Gilbert wasn’t enough, he’s done a one take live recording of “Chainbreaker” to keep his throat in shape for live shows as soon as they become possible again. The West coast Blackened Deathcore quintet have

NEWS: Mephala joined by Greg Gilbert for “Reverence”!

Dissonant Death Metal act Mephala, based out of New England and previously known as SCORN have followed up their 2018 album “Delirium” with a standalone cut by the name of “Reverence“. Not only does the track feature a guest appearance from none other that Greg Gilbert of Shrine of Malice but also has some impressive

Review: “Astral” by Lost Conduit

13 different Deathcore and Death Metal vocalists make their presence felt with appearances across the 10 tracks that make up “Astral” by Lost Conduit. Just let that sink in for a moment. The project is the brain child of multi instrumentalist Drew Klugger and vocalist Justin Haskin of Desolist, that started with a dream of

Bootleg: “Distrust” by VileGloom!

Lebanon Oregon based Nu-Downtempo collective VileGloom have shared the title track of their EP “Distrust” culled from their set at The Pin in Spokane Washington on 18th June 2019 which saw them share a stage with Falsifier and VCTMS during their Iced Out Tour. Since then the band have tapped up Greg Gilbert of Shrine

NEWS: Sheer Cold suffer “Hyperthermic Hallucinations”!

The end of March saw former Gods Of Hate vocalist and Implements of Hell bassist Preston Graff has return with new project Sheer Cold, tearing like a tornado out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Deathcore quintet have in their ranks members of A Perfect Being and Vatican Falling and brought to us a debut single “Cryogenic Revival” featuring a guest

NEWS: Shrine Of Malice announced on 1126 Records Roster!

Much to our surprise, West coast Blackened Deathcore quintet Shrine of Malice have announced their signing to 1126 Records with a brand new single entitled “Chainbreaker”, their first material since the ripper that is “Sheol“. It continues a whirlwind two years for the Las Vegas Nevada act who dropped their debut EP “Malignance” in 2018. The

NEWS: VileGloom seek fame?

Shrine of Malice vocalist Greg Gilbert has been seriously clocking up the guest appearances of late and this time he’s been tapped up Lebanon Oregon based Nu-Downtempo collective VileGloom for a brand new cut by the name “Fame Seeker“. The track is their first since last summer’s EP “Distrust“, which we reviewed a little bit ago.

NEWS: Shrine of Malice lost in “Infernal Darkness”!

Returning to “Sheol” for what is widely expected to be the last time, Las Vegas, Nevada Death Metallers Shrine of Malice have dropped a music video for “Infernal Darkness“. The 2019 follow up to “Malignance” has already had an instrumental version unleashed like a plague for those who aren’t fans of those throat ripping vocals…

NEWS: Sheer Cold debut “Cryogenic Revival”!

Former Gods Of Hate vocalist and Implements of Hell bassist Preston Graff has returned with a new project for 2020. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, the Deathcore quintet Sheer Cold have in their ranks members of A Perfect Being and  Vatican Falling and have on board Greg Gilbert from Shrine Of Malice for their first

NEWS: Shrine of Malice speak for the “Voiceless”!

Released in October 2019 via Shrine Cult International, the debut full length album “Sheol” from Las Vegas, Nevada’s Shrine Of Malice have delivered on their promise to bring Blackend Deathcore to prominence. They’ve teamed up with Eric DiCarlo of SquareUp Studios LLC, who directed the recent Bodysnatcher music videos for this one for “Voiceless“!