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NEWS: Snake Father break and enter?

A second single from the upcoming EP “No More Faces” by Texas heat bringers Snake Father has premiered in “Mental Intruder“. A song that was teased last month with a a couple of momentary behind the scenes clips, it’s been accompanied by the news that the Deathcore unit will be playing a trio of shows

NEWS: Snake Father stare into the abyss…

Taking advantage of the skills of Cris Marshall at Tonal Recording Studios who has taken their raw material and made it sound great, Austin Texas Deathcore heavy hitters Snake Father have premiered a lyric video for “Chasm Of Light” that includes the glorious artwork from their freshly ground new EP “The Concepts Of Torture” which

Playthrough: “F.L.D.S.” from Snake Father!

Filmed at the Come And Take It Live venue inĀ  Austin Texas on 26th February on the “Death… at Last” tour with Cattle Decapitation, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Creeping Death and Extinction A.D. here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Snake Father sticksman Alex Salazar performing “F.L.D.S” a week after the Deathcore heavy hitters

NEWS: Snake Father walk the Endless Corridor…

When Austin Texas heat bringing Deathcore collective Snake Father announced that the Slam Worldwide YouTube channel was going to be streaming a static video instead of the actual music video for their new single “Missing Persons (Endless Corridor)“, it certainly raised an eyebrow. But if you watch what has been directed by John Slofkoski and

NEWS: Snake Father return with “Oubliette”!

Bringing that famed Austin Texas heat, Snake Father have unleashed the title track of an upcoming new EP “Oubliette“. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Marshall at Tonal Recording Studios, the Deathcore collective welcome Haley Roughton of Dorziah fame and The Xebellian Triangle for the track, which appears just six months after the bands album

NEWS: Snake Father set the challenge!

One of the Deathcore releases of the summer came from Austin Texas collective Snake Father with “Pathways Of Corruption“. They’ve peeled off “Challenger Deep” from it and thrown the keys to the truck to Fernando Villegas and given him carte blanche to create a music video for it. The result is your classic combination of

NEWS: Snake Father get violent!

Coming with a disclaimer that viewer discretion is advised as the music video has themes of domestic violence, Snake Father have chosen “Furthering Paleness” as the latest single from their recently released “Pathways Of Corruption” album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Cris Marshall at Tonal Recording Studios. They’ve announced a wealth of live shows including

NEWS: Snake Father head to the “Valley Of The Sick”!

The fourth and final pre-release single from the upcoming album “Pathways Of Corruption” by Snake Father has been given to us courtesy of Slam Worldwide. Another piece of Deathcore from the heart of Texas, “Valley Of The Sick” comes shortly after the band announced their new line up for the next chapter in Mando Vargas

Playthrough: “Shvpeshift” from Snake Father!

While we await the release date for “Pathways To Corruption“, earlier this week Snake Father gave us the first teaser in “Shvpeshift“. In this latest video guitarist Mando Vargas picks up his Aristides 070R and demonstrates how that very single is played with social media suggestions that the Austin Texas Deathcore collective are already working

NEWS: Snake Father get uncomfortable with “Shvpeshift”!

A music video teased via Social Media during Halloween, just before which it was filmed, has finally seen the light of day in “Shvpeshift” from Snake Father. A new song from the Austin Texas Deathcore collective that started out as a solo project, it will appear on their as yet undated debut album, recorded, mixed