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Bootleg: Mychildren Mybride in Atlanta!

Celebrating 10 years of their classic album “Unbreakable”, here “Boris The Blade”, “Faithless”, “Circle The Sky”, “Waves of Oppression”, “Verses” and “Headshot” at the Atlanta Georgia stop of Mychildren Mybride’s tour with with Secrets, Capture, Earth Groans and Half Hearted. The Madison Alabama’s debut full length was produced by the legend that is Joel Sturgis

Review: “Rahab” EP by Earth Groans

South Dakota quartet Earth Groans describe themselves as being passionate about the hardcore scene, making aggressive music for passionate people and using their music as a vessel to form relationships with their fans. Now that’s some mission statement. Following up debut release “Renovate” with new “Rahab” via Solid State Records, the band have unleashed the beast.

Interview: Jonny FX talks to Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King

Continuing his recent run of Interviews The Browning frontman Jonny McBee aka Jonny FX caught up with Ryan King from Fit For A King. Being more of a two way conversation as the dudes are friends, topics include the transition of adding more clean vocals, favourite bands and food. Fit For A King have new album

Review: “Tormentor” by The Agony Scene

It has been 11 long years since Tulsa, Oklahoma Metallers The Agony Scene last released an album. It has been 5 years since they reformed in 2013 with the 2008 incarnation of the band, only for bassist Chris Rye to drop out in 2015. The Agony Scene initially started out in 2000, making a name

Interview: Phinehas talk touring “Dark Flag”!

Solid State Records have put out a collection of interview snippets with all of the members of La Mirada, Californian Metalcore heroes Phinehas about touring their current album “Dark Flag”. It’s a stunningly good album, one that we reviewed a while back. If you haven’t already, it’s well worth checking out.

Review: “Dark Flag” by Phinehas

The success of “Dark Flag” by Phinehas is not just the fact that there is brilliant song writing and musicanship on show but also in the art of quality production and song placing. Opening up with the title track for the album “Dark Flag” offers an infusion of tech-metal and metalcore at break-neck pace. Follow