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Bootleg: Knuckledust in Manchester!

Filmed by Lewis Dexter Litanzios at Jilly’s Rockworld in Manchester on 12th December 2005, here’s a full set from London Hardcore legends Knuckledust. The show sees the band playing cuts from their fourth studio album “Unbreakable“, a record which spawned their much loved fans favourite “Burning Fight“.

Bootleg: Knuckledust in Glasgow!

Filmed by Lee Marshall and freshly released by David Tan, here’s a full set from London heroes Knuckledust at Glasgow Barfly. The show took place on 26th September 2004 as the band celebrated 9 years together and the footage even has short play VHS tape text on it. Who could ask for more?

Bootleg: Knuckledust in London!

Pro-shot in multi cam by David Tan, Sean Pitcam and Kathryn McBride at Get Ready Fest at The New Cross Inn in London on 4th October 2019, here’s a full set from London Hardcore legends Knuckledust. That comes complete with dedicated drum cam footage of Ray Bussey (also in Argy Bargy, ex-Deadline, Deny Everything and The Business)