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NEWS: Soulsplitter have their connection severed?

Produced by Tobias Lammers German Progressive Metallers Soulsplitter have shared a music video for “Reconnected” from their recently released album “Connection“. A thematical deep dive into the psychological process of recognizing and reintegrating repressed parts of ones personality, it’s designed as an encouragement for listeners to help unlock their innate potential and take responsibility for

Playthrough: “Incineration” from Soulsplitter!

While we await the sophomore album from  German Progressive Metal collective Soulsplitter sophomore album “Connection” that has seen the band so far unveil a trio of cuts from the record with “Incineration“,  “Disconnected” and “Glass Bridge” appearing since December, user of Ibanez Guitars, Kemper Amps and Ernie Ball Strings Simon Kramer has returned to the

NEWS: Soulsplitter drink from the poison chalice?

Sparing the blushes of visiting lady dignatories, German Progressive Metalcore collective Soulsplitter have unvieled a third single from their upcoming sophomore album “Connection” that comes complete with a Tombias Lammers directed music video. Titled “Glass Bridge” it means we have to do everything in our power to avoid making jokes about Trolls, Billy Goats or

NEWS: Soulsplitter get disconnected from reality?

Currently without a release date, the sophomore album from Germany based music and arts collective Soulsplitter has had a second single released from it. This one is titled “Disconnected“, ironically enough from an album titled “Connected” and features a guest appearance from Latvian born singer Viktorija Kukule, also known as Vic Anselmo as well as

NEWS: Soulsplitter prepare for immolation!

The follow up to one of the finest records of 2019 is on the way in “Connection” from Germany Avantgarde Progressive Metal collective Soulsplitter. They took three years to write and record their first album “Salutogenesis” and with “Incineration” it sounds like their next album is coming in hot. The band have been announced alongside Kadinja

Review: “Sagacity” by TreaTmenT

Beginning life in 2017, “Sagacity” is the result of nearly 15 years of experience. Starting out back in 2005 under the moniker HarroW and playing a mix of Metallica and Iron Maiden covers in with their own, changes in the bands line-up and chemistry created a style shift. Three years later they changed their name to

Review: “Salutogenesis” by Soulsplitter

Germany Avantgarde Progressive Metal collective Soulsplitter started writing “Salutogenesis” in 2016. Their debut album takes influence from all styles and genres with Opeth, Twelve Foot Ninja and Haken all sited as reference points. “The Prophecy” serves merely as an introduction piece of dark theatric quality. It’s spoken word poetry is the perfect start for an

NEWS: Soulsplitter celebrate “The Moloch”!

The second single from their forthcoming album, German Progressive Metal band Soulsplitter have released an epic 9 minute animation for “The Moloch”. The song itself is available over at bandcamp. Here’s what bassist Felix Jacobs told us… “We teamed up with a group of Berlin artists who created a stunning hand painted animation video to