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Playthrough: “Pestilence” from Warfect!

Probably one of the most underrated and yet finest Thrash Metal outfits to come out of Gothenburg Sweden are Warfect, the latest edition to the roster of Napalm Records for their fourth studio album “Spectre of Deviation“. Fredrik Wester has chosen to dust down the Flying V for a guitar playthrough video for “Pestilence“, a

Playthrough: “Pestilence” from Warfect!

…with new album “Spectre Of Devastation” out tomorrow via Napalm Records, Warfect guitarist Frederik Wester has joined 124 other musicians in the Guitar World Sick Riffs series. He’s done it in style too, with a tip of the hat to Bay Area Thrash Gods Exodus. His riff of choice is the verse one from new

NEWS: Warfect head “Into The Fray”!

As the “Spectre Of Devastation” looms large on the horizon, crushing Swedish Metallers who love Thrash, Warfect have begun streaming a lyric video for “Into The Fray” via Napalm Records. The bullet with the name on it has 13th November 2020 emblazoned upon it with “Pestilence” and “Left To Rot” already screaming into the distance.

Documentary: Warfect on Napalm Next Door!

…as “Spectre Of Devastation“, the new album from Swedish Blackened Thrash Metal trio Warfect is about to light up the place like a bonfire we accidentally poured gasoline on, it only seems fair that they should be the latest on the Napalm Records roster to get a visit from the Napalm Next Door cameras. 13th