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NEWS: Spirit Adrift seek revenge…

“Death has been an up close and personal part of my life since I was a young child. When I began writing Ghost at the Gallows, the specter of death hung as constant as ever. This album navigates a world where ghosts are real, and they haunt us in the form of grief, trauma, and

NEWS: Spirit Adrift seen with gasoline and matches…

Having demonstrated just how good they are at Download Festival last weekend, Austin Texas Traditional Metal quartet Spirit Adrift have shared “Barn Burner” from their upcoming fifth album “Ghost At The Gallows“. Century Media will be distributing that one on 18th August as the eight years since they were conceived by mastermind and multi instrumentalist

NEWS: Spirit Adrift return once more!

The ever prolific Spirit Adrift have offered up another virgin sacrifice from their upcoming new album “Ghost At The Gallows” in “I Shall Return” which has a riff that is reminiscent of the early solo work of Ozzy Osbourne. Appearances at Hell In The Harbour, Download Festival, Rock Imperium Festival, Full Force Festival, Hellfest Valley,

NEWS: Death Won’t Stop Spirit Adrift!

Leaving the 20th Century firmly in their rear view mirror, the ever prolific Spirit Adrift have shared announced a new album for 18th August via Century Media. Titled “Ghost At The Gallows” and coupled with artwork by Jeremy Hush, the Austin Texas Traditional Metal quartet have unvieled a first single in “Death Won’t Stop Me”

Review: “Cabal” by Palace Of Worms

Originally conceived as the solo project of Nicholas “Balan” Katich circa 2007, the Bay Area Californian avant-garde Metal entity Palace Of Worms has gradually evolved into something of a Behemoth. While Balan remains the mastermind at work, upon this new album he is joined by an accomplished cast of co-conspirators including Trevor Deschryver (Lycus, Silence in

Review: “Vol. III” by Godwatt

Ironically returning for their fourth album and their second drummer, Italian Doom Metal trio Godwatt Redemption have long been inspired by genre masters including Black Sabbath, Cathedral and Monster Magnet to name but a few. Founded in 2006 by vocalist and guitarist Moris Fosco and bassist Mauro Passeri, initially they were joined by drummer Andrea Vozza and

Documentary: Spirit Adrift on Gear Masters!

While ripping up the road with Crowbar back in the summer in support of their latest offering to riff worshipers in “20th Centuries Gone“, Spirit Adrift took a moment out of their busy schedule to allow the Digital Tour Bus cameras to film an episode of their Gear Masters series. Guitarist Tom Draper is the

Documentary: Spirit Adrift on Gear Masters!

…all of which brings us neatly to the latest episode of Gear Masters which was filmed at the end of July at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago where Nate Garrett, the mastermind of Spirit Adrift was interrogated. He went through his stage gear while the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling with the band on

Documentary: Crowbar on Bus Invaders!

If you haven’t already worked this one out like Jessica Fletcher, the Digital Tour Bus cameras are always rolling in Chicago Illinois. The latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series finds them at the Cobra Lounge on 30th July where Sludge Metal legends Crowbar had pulled up while on tour with Spirit Adrift in

Interview: Spirit Adrift talk “20th Centuries Gone”!

Described by Century Media as a behind the scenes interview about the new Spirit Adrift album “20th Centuries Gone“, this featurette finds mastermind Nate Garrett in the rocking chair on the back porch. One that we reviewed earlier this week and combines two new cuts with six covers, it’s well worth a listen with the