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Bootleg: Splitknuckle in Glasgow!

Pro-shot by Kathryn McBride at Audio Lounge in Glasgow on 18th September 2021, here’s a full set from Essex Hardcore crew Splitknuckle with the band riding high a pair of cuts from their December 2020 split with Settle For Nothing titled “If You Want Peace...”. There is even dedicated drum cam footage of Matt Bullis

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Reading!

That’s Reading Pennsylvania at Reverb on 21st December 2019, pro-shot by Hate5six and featuring tracks from their current EP “Killer Beef“. The Pittsburgh Beatdown Death Metallers were upon our shores in February with Cold Hard Truth, Splitknuckle and Bun Dem Out, so hopefully they will return before too long. Their appearance at the 2019 incarnation

Bootleg: Splitknuckle in Belgium!

Essex Hardcore crew Splitknuckle┬ámanaged to squeeze in some European shows before lockdown with this one pro-shot in multi cam by Nick Tronckoe and Basile Rabaey at Dan Eglantier Sint-Niklaas Belgium on 23rd February 2020. Still hammering out the cuts from 2018 EP “Insolence Bleeds“, we’re hoping for material from them later this year.

NEWS: Hardcore? You Know The Score!

Splitkuckle will be joining residents Cold Hard Truth, Enemy Mind and Bun Dem Out on “The Intimidation Tour” running across the UK and Europe in February 2020! We’ve got to say “Killer Beef” from Enemy Mind left a lasting impression on us so don’t sleep on these! 14th Muthers Studio, Birmingham 15th Key Club, Leeds

Bleeding Through w/Ithaca, Nihility & Chamber @ Camden Underworld

For a UK Exclusive show at Camden Underworld, what has the potential to be one last chance to see the Orange County Metalcore heroes that are Bleeding Through in the live arena is not one to be missed! Having seemingly returned from the ashes with 2018’s new album “Love Will Kill All”, vocalist Brandan Schieppati