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NEWS: Ahdy Khairat does surgery on Metallica’s “Frantic”!

Serial re-mixer and re-masterer Ahdy Khairat has taken the opening track of “St. Anger” by Metallica and done the surgeon’s work to it, putting in the snare drum and making it sound like it wasn’t recorded down a drain. The result is a less punishingly raw sounding “Frantic” and the video even features a meme

Documentary: Is “St. Anger” by Metallica that bad?!

Released back in 2003, “St. Anger” marked the eighth studio record from San Francisco California Thrash Kings Metallica. despite receiving mixed reviews for a lack of solos and drummer Lars Ulrich not using the snares on his snare drum, ending up with a tin ring sound to the drums that is often likened to sounding