Throwback: “My World” by Metallica!

Not only do I not know the answer. I don’t even know what the question is!”

2003’s “St. Anger” from Metallica might sound raw and unpolished due to a lack of snare in their chosen drum sound and lack of guitar solos but it’s still an angry record with some fine moments on it, including “My World“. Who can’t resonance with the feeling that a black cloud is following them, raining on their parade when things aren’t going well? It’s one dirty sounding record and it’s, for us at least, the start of the rebirth of the band following the hit and miss of the “Load” and “Reload” albums. Perhaps that’s down to the personal nature of the record to James Hetfield, his lyrics reeking of anxiety, depression and self loathing, matched only by his documented stints in rehab around the time. What’s wrong with a raw and abrasive Metal sound? Snorlax is addictively caustic! [That’s probably the one and only time that Metallica and Snorlax will be mentioned in the same sentence, that’s like comparing a Philharmonic Orchestra with the sound of someone having a broken Violin inserted into them ~ Ed.]

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