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NEWS: E.B. & The Deadlights go cinematic with “Hollow Eyes”!

If you missed it, E.B. & The Deadlights have issued a timely reminder of just how good their new record “Echoes Of A Dreamless Life” really is with a music video for “Hollow Eyes“. Following the arrival of their impressive debut EP “Still See Ghosts” in 2021 which opened the doors for support slots with

Review: “Echoes Of A Dreamless Life” by E.B. & The Deadlights

“We never intended on doing an album, but when the song variety continued to grow and we had the tracks written, separating them just didn’t feel right, both flow and concept wise. I wanted to write something that was both fantastical and horrific—the innocence of Peter Pan Vs the madness of Dracula so to speak.”

NEWS: EB & The Deadlights premier “Heaven Into Hell”!

Many bands don’t have the strength to survive the heartbreak of multiple line up changes but for vocalist Ethan Beatie, his band EB & The Deadlights has been his sole focus for so long he was never about to give up on the dream. After the success of debut EP “Still See Ghosts” brought them

NEWS: E.B. and The Deadlights search for hope…

It looks like it’s going to be a huge summer for E.B. and The Deadlights as the band have shared a music video for “Endless Hope“. It’s the first from a 16th June releasing debut album titled “Echoes Of A Dreamless Life” which leaves single “Unmarked Grave” cut adrift as standalone as it follows the very well

NEWS: E.B And The Deadlights return with “Unmarked Grave”!

Rising from the casket with another classic hammer horror inspired music video, E.B & The Deadlights have returned with one called “Unmarked Grave” which finds them at their fiercest. While their December debut EP “Still See Ghosts” has brought them this far down rh left hand path, it’s time for something fresh, wild and heavy.

Review: “Still See Ghosts” by E.B. & The Deadlights

“This is an EP that we believe everyone can relate to. Everyone has ghosts and sees something looking back at them in the mirror they wish wasn’t there. No matter how big or small that ghost may be, it’s still there and you can’t get rid of it.” ~ Ethan Beattie

NEWS: E.B. And The Deadlights have ghosts on their minds…

Ahead of the 3rd December release of their debut EP “Still See Ghosts“, Horror Riff Merchants E.B. And The Deadlights have unveiled another single in “Heathen Of The Mind” to follow “Empty Frames” from the five track affair. The news comes after earlier this month they announced they would be supporting Doyle aka Doyle W.