Review: “Still See Ghosts” by E.B. & The Deadlights

This is an EP that we believe everyone can relate to. Everyone has ghosts and sees something looking back at them in the mirror they wish wasn’t there. No matter how big or small that ghost may be, it’s still there and you can’t get rid of it.” ~ Ethan Beattie

A swarming pestilence bearing influences in Horror Metal icons like Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13 and Motionless In White have surrounded E.B. & The Deadlights as the youthful upstarts look to tread their own left hand path through the Underworld of Darkness with their own brand of theatrics. Frontman Ethan Beattie initially began the project with rhythm guitarist Matt McCabe before initiating drummer Alex Williams and lead guitarist synth monster Andy McCarney into their circle and looking to expand their sound…

…Despite the influences E.B. & The Deadlights steer away from the electronic aspects that you might have thought that they would bring to “Still See Ghosts” and instead offer up some scuzzy groove that crosses Metal with Punk Rock to create that kind of good time horror themed vibe minus the cheese that Wednesday 13 brings. Instead Beatie talks about inner demons without going introspective which is refreshing as tinges of Glam Rock ignite the opening pair of cuts, “Heathen Of The Mind” having the solo that hammers the nail into the coffin of the direction that the band have taken. The brave swagger of “Devil Between Me & You” has a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds kind of vibe to it with an acoustic and electric crossover and delicately poised solo that in terms of musicianship defies the bands relative age and could easily be a radio hit or on the soundtrack of a Western as the titles roll up in the cinema; it’s that classy. The synths and programming comes into play with the Marilyn Manson esq “Empty Frames” which could easily be retitled “I’m drowning in my own blood” as the lyric is not only often repeated but makes the cut an instant sing-a-long with stomping attitude. It may have been done before but that doesn’t make it any less fun and actually from the the diverse collection of music on this debut it stands out for that reason; it’s how on paper you might think the band should sound, but actually they don’t and they have far more to them. The title track wraps itself around the opener with the same lyric about still seeing ghosts but instead of the Horror Punk Rock sounds of the bombastic “Nightmare Or Reality“, the title track is a dark and brooding affair that churns as it burns to be. The quality is undoubted, the potential is huge and as long as they don’t get drawn into the generic world of middle of the road shock-rock outfits then they could well be the next big thing next Halloween [7/10]

Track listing

1. Nightmare Or Reality
2. Heathen Of The Mind
3. Devil Between Me & You
4. Empty Frames
5. Still See Ghosts

Still See Ghosts” by E.B. & The Deadlights is out 3rd December 2021

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