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Riff Police! Pull Over! #147: Brainstorm Vs Stratovarius!

Another day, another Dollar. Another week, another episode of Riff Police. The tank keeps Rollin’ up on bands like “we heard summat…“ And bands be like “no you didn’t…”. So here’s the evidence for round #147. 1998 saw ten legged German Power Metal tinged Thrash monster Brainstorm crank their amps for “Unholy“, their sophomore album

Review: “Here And Now” by Joviac

Joviac was formed in late 2016 by frontman Viljami Jupiter Wenttola (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) as a necessary artistic outlet with a strong vision and an unrelenting compulsion to express himself through the medium of music. Initially recording as a two man project with Antti Varjanne (Bass), they released their debut in 2017 before Rudy Fabritius