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Exclusive Interview: Next Door To Heaven talk “Inside”!

In March, from Russia with love came “Inside“, a self released EP from Progressive Metalcore band Next Door To Heaven. The follow up to the band’s 2020 single “Dance With Me” and the 2019 sophomore album “V Ways To Accept” released on Sliptrick Records it sees the band dive deeper into DJent Metalcore with guitarist

NEWS: Next Door To Heaven begin the Calibration…

Russian Progressive Metalcore outfit Next Door To Heaven have chosen “Calibrate” from their end of March released EP “Inside” for the full red carpet music video treatment. As a record it goes in deep with guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov taking the helm and refining the band’s sound with the use of a 9-string Ibanez to take

Review: “Inside” by Next Door To Heaven

Recording as a trio without bassist Oleg Ermakov, St. Petersburg Russian Progressive Metalcore band Next Door To Heaven have started their next chapter with EP “Inside“. The follow up 2019 sophomore album “V Ways To Accept” released on Sliptrick Records and 2020 stand alone single “Dance With Me”, this time around guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov took the helm on

NEWS: Next Door To Heaven announce new EP!

Russian Progressive Metalcore band Next Door To Heaven have announced they will be self-releasing a new EP called “Inside” on 25th March. Featuring 5 all new DJent fueled Melodic Progressive Metalcore compositions along with special guest vocals from ex-Stuck Mojo frontman Lord Nelson and guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov bringing a 9-string Ibanez to the studio, this is one that

NEWS: Repentance want to be “God For A Day”!

Another supergroup of sorts will be making their debut on 25th September. Repentance, a band who feature in their ranks members and former members of Soil, Stuck Mojo, Broken Hope, Dirge Within, Straight Line Stitch and Them will be bringing the best of classic American thrash with elements of European-styled melodic death metal and a tinge

Review: “One Alive” EP by Sunsmoke

Combining Rapcore and Groove Metal, Sumsmoke hail from Warsaw Poland. Formed in the summer of 2017, they recorded their first EP “One Alive” a year later at U Dudzika studio, owned by Marcin “Dudzik” Dudzicki (PLAN, Ereles, ex-Kabanos) in Warsaw. Taking their inspirations from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Stuck Mojo and Clawfinger