NEWS: Next Door To Heaven wear the disguise?

Currently working in a follow up to their EP “Inside” which features a guest vocal appearance from former Stuck Mojo frontman Lord Nelson, Next Door To Heaven who have now relocated from Russia to California have shared a single in “Disguise“. It marks the first for the group with Mexican bassist Jorge Romo and local drummer Michael Moore as they continue down the path of Progressive Metalcore with DJent leanings.

According to vocalist Daria Mazunova, this track has more extreme vocals compared to their previous material, something she had in mind when writing the lyrics: “Our new track “Disguise”, yet unreleased, inspired us to make a music video for it. It’s rare when all your thoughts at the moment can be put together into music and lyrics this well. It is about the process of finding out who’s a friend, and who’s a foe. It’s a way to look at the people you thought you knew and understand what has changed. For sure, this song and video are going to be released in due time therefore should be well received by fans.

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