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NEWS: Crisix go guest crazy with “W.N.M United”!

Sparing no expense Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix have brought on board with them no less than ten heroes from the New Wave of Thrash Metal in John Kevill (Warbringer), Poney (Violator), Nick (SUICIDAL ANGELS), Philly (GAMA BOMB), Diva Satánica (NERVOSA), G. Izquierdo (Angelus Apatrida), JB (BONDED BY BLOOD), Lenny (DUST BOLT), Rick (FUELED BY FIRE),

Interview: Bonded talk “Into Blackness” with Heavy New York!

Last week saw the release of what has to be one of the best Thrash Metal albums of the year in “Into Blackness” by German veterans Bonded who spoke to Heavy New York in this fresh interview. The sophomore album from the group who feature former members of such legendary bands as Sodom, Suicidal Angels,

Review: “Into Blackness” by Bonded

Just a few days after the release show for their debut album “Rest In Violence“, German Thrash beasts Bonded were forced to put everything on ice and wait for the subsidence of the storm of the great plague in order to continue their journey and fortunately for us, that gave them the opportunity to create

NEWS: Bonded call to Lilith, the Queen Of Blood!

German Thrash Metallers Bonded who feature in their ranks members and former members of Sodom, Suicidal Angels and Assassin are once again preparing for war with “Into Darkness“, the follow up to 2020’s critically acclaimed “Rest In Violence“. Once again teaming up with producer Cornelius Rambadt (Sodom, Disbelief, Onkel Tom) at the Rambado Recording Studio

Bootleg: “Darkness Decends” from Dark Angel!

Bay area Thrashers Death Angel will join Exodus, Sodom & Suicidal Angels upon our shores on 6th December on the MTV & Metal Hammer sponcered Headbangers Ball Tour. Camden Electric Ballroom is the venue. To get you in the zone for that, here’s “Darkness Decends”  and “We Have Arrived” from their set at California Death

NEWS: Headbangers Ball tour returns!

Metal Hammer Magazine are sponcering a resserected MTV Headbangers Ball European Tour this December. While a main headliner is still to be announced, it looks to be a classic metal line-up with Sodom, Death Angel & Suicidal Angels on the bill. A single UK show is in the offering at Camden Electric Ballroom on 6th.