NEWS: Crisix go guest crazy with “W.N.M United”!

Sparing no expense Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix have brought on board with them no less than ten heroes from the New Wave of Thrash Metal in John Kevill (Warbringer), Poney (Violator), Nick (SUICIDAL ANGELS), Philly (GAMA BOMB), Diva Satánica (NERVOSA), G. Izquierdo (Angelus Apatrida), JB (BONDED BY BLOOD), Lenny (DUST BOLT), Rick (FUELED BY FIRE), Kevin (Insanity Alert) and one from the original wave in Chuck Billy (Testament) for the first single from their 15th April releasing new album “Full HD“. Titled “W.N.M. United” the cut is a rework of the bands Pizza Thrash classic “World Needs Mosh” a full on caffeine bomb of a track.

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