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NEWS: Crisix go guest crazy with “W.N.M United”!

Sparing no expense Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix have brought on board with them no less than ten heroes from the New Wave of Thrash Metal in John Kevill (Warbringer), Poney (Violator), Nick (SUICIDAL ANGELS), Philly (GAMA BOMB), Diva Satánica (NERVOSA), G. Izquierdo (Angelus Apatrida), JB (BONDED BY BLOOD), Lenny (DUST BOLT), Rick (FUELED BY FIRE),

Interview: Exodus fan Q&A with Rick Hunolt!

Bay Area Thrash Gods Exodus have unveiled another fan Q&A, this time with former guitarist Rick Hunolt at the helm. Appearing on each Exodus album from 1985’s “Bonded by Blood” to 2004’s “Tempo Of The Damned” it makes for a unique opportunity and experience as bands don’t tend to let their former warriors talk officially.

Bootleg: Exodus at Rockpalast Festival!

Having given us “Bonded By Blood“, “The Toxic Waltz” and “Blacklist” over the past few days, the organizers of WDR Rockpalast Festival in Germany have now signed off on the full set from Bay Area Thrash Kings Exodus. It took place in 2017 with Gary Holt having an extended affair with Slayer with Kragen Lum

Bootleg: “The Toxic Waltz” from Exodus!

“Everybody’s doing the toxic waltz, Kick your friend in the head and have a ball, Come on and do the toxic waltz, And slam your partner against the wall” Back for round #3, pro-shot and cut from the bands set at Rockplast Germany in 2017, “The Toxic Waltz” is one of those songs that’s big

Bootleg: “Blacklist” from Exodus!

Returning to Bay Area Thrash Gods Exodus for a second time in as many days, the organizers of Rockpalast Festival in Germany have cut “Blacklist” from the bands 2017 set for our viewing pleasure. It’s naturally pro-shot with high quality audio, however Gary Holt isn’t involved as he was performing with Slayer at the time

Bootleg: “Bonded By Blood” from Exodus!

2021 should see a new album from Bay Area Thrash Gods Exodus with guitarist Gary Holt back in the fold after his stint in Slayer. Going back to 2017 here’s the band performing their calling card track, the title cut from their debut album in Rockpalast in Germany Kragen Lum filling in for the main

Review: “We Are Revolution” by Thrasherwolf

Raised on a raw meat diet of legends like Onslaught, Slayer and Kreator, Daniel Lucas (Vocals/Guitar), Billy Lucas (Drums), Jack Saunders (Guitar) and Alex Mitsis (Bass) formed Thrasherwolf in 2016. The London quartet then introduced themselves to an unsuspecting World with 2018’s “Blood Moon” EP while sharpening their blades in the finest of the capital

Interview: Exodus Fan Q&A!

While we’re pondering rumours that Thrash masters Exodus are sat on approaching an albums worth of material just waiting for studio time to be available, drummer Tom Hunting answers fans questions in the latest episode of their Q&A series. Seeing as they re-recorded “Bonded By Blood“, would they consider re-recording the Rob Dukes albums with

Bootleg: Exodus at 70000 Tonnes of Metal!

The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour will be arriving in Europe on 6th February and see a trio of what we’d affectionately call the “Big Ten” of Thrash with Exodus joining Testament and Death Angel. It’s going to be huge. So here are a quartet of cuts from Exodus at the 70000 Tonnes of Metal

Riff Police! Pull Over! #75: Metallica Vs Exodus!

Big Four and the ones that got away? It’s time for another Riff Off to rival Shred Wars as someone get’s the fickle finger of fate pointed at them for mercilessly plagiarizing someone else’s hard graft and skilled craft… or maybe they just heard it and it entered their brain like a subliminal verse telling