Review: “We Are Revolution” by Thrasherwolf

Raised on a raw meat diet of legends like Onslaught, Slayer and Kreator, Daniel Lucas (Vocals/Guitar), Billy Lucas (Drums), Jack Saunders (Guitar) and Alex Mitsis (Bass) formed Thrasherwolf in 2016. The London quartet then introduced themselves to an unsuspecting World with 2018’s “Blood Moon” EP while sharpening their blades in the finest of the capital cities Underground Metal venues; a run in the inaugural Metal 2 The Masses competition to win a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock securing many new fans. As Thrash once again reigns supreme with a wealth of new Canadian bands like the Megadeth embraced Hazzerd on the scene and embracing the genre, the Londoners are keen to wave their Skull and Crossbones in anger…

…Rather than a title track, “Words of Revolution” is an introduction piece, a political speech that stands on the values and themes of 80’s Thrash that sets the stage for “War” with a hail of bullets. An 11 and a half minute magnum opus takes hold with an a couple of minutes of instrumental before Lucas begins to spit lyrics that depict the decay of Mankind at the hands of corrupt leaders whom Thrasherwolf wish to tear limb from limb. The mix is bass heavy and Mitsis even gives us a bass solo mid track, which is a nice touch and there are a couple of neat tempo shifts which help with the balance on cuts of this length. First single “Vortex” offers more energy that its sinister and fierce predecessor, instead giving more aggression and more breakneck speed; the solo is a ripper and the cut is a whirlwind of mosh pit riffs and well placed drum fills that have a relentless quality to them. The call “Start the vortex” followed by a tornado of rapid fire riffs will no doubt be a call to a circle pit live, especially if the band get to festivals like Bloodstock, something which that moment is made for. A sub 3 minute burst of high octane fury comes in the form of “The Pack“, a cut that pays tribute to tracks like “Whiplash” by Metallica in its construction and doesn’t let up for a moment, charging head long to the mosh pit with slick leads and a biting rhythmic battery. Second single “Good Old Fashioned Violence” is an obvious choice with it’s distinctly Exodus esq riff attack, sounding like a track left from the “Bonded by Blood” sessions with not only it’s groove but also the vocal change up which sees the bite exchanged for some harshly sung vocal lines in places. “There is only one cure, a it’s got to be… Good Old Fashioned Violence!

The second half of the record starts with “Verimillion Steel” a reference to a blood soaked blade that takes you to hell’s arena. A track that orientates around a classic Thrash gallop with lyrics inspired by Power Metal but delivered with the Thrash punch, it makes for a brilliant change up, especially for the final Speed Metal ending with the gang chant of “Flesh like Steel” that is going to go down so well live. The jackhammer footwork of “Vanity” makes for the best percussive performance of the record, the drum sound throughout is crisp and clean while also having a loose freedom; there is nothing mechanical at all, it’s not metronomic and that gives Thrasherwolf something extra in their arsenal. Next time around they need to get Adam “Nolly” Getgood in the studio with them to help them optimize the drum sound. “Master of Puppets” era Metallica melancholic riffs and vocal harmonies start the brooding and somber “Ruin” which threatens of burst into the flame of self immolation before it actually does and makes for a stand out moment on the album as a whole. Closing on arguably the finest track on the album in “Blood Moon” proves that there is no need for a filler track. A devastating set of adrenaline soaked riffs decimate the weak while the slight echo on the vocals gives it the killer instinct. A new wave of Thrash Metal is upon us and this is Thrasherwolf’s call to arms [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Words Of Revolution
  2. War
  3. Vortex
  4. The Pack
  5. Good Old Fashioned Violence
  6. Vermillion Steel
  7. Vanity
  8. Ruin
  9. Blood Moon

We Are Revolution” by Thrasherwolf is out 19th September and will be available over at bandcamp

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