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NEWS: Thrasherwolf announce June Weekender!

What are the chances of two bands you really want to see announcing three show weekenders on the same weekend in June? Well King Abyss have been followed out the gate by Thrasherwolf in doing exactly that! Fortunately the bands will be sharing a stage in Luton on the opening night, so that has to

Documentary: Devastator in Leicester!

No sooner have we added Blackened Speed Thrash merchants Devastator to our Black Map of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene than they go and share a featurette around their show at The Metal Monocle with Thrasherwolf and Blood Oath. The bands current album “Baptised In Blasphemy” released in 2020 via Clobber Records (Wolfbastard,  Wolvencrown)

NEWS: Thrasherwolf see eyes in the night…

Ahead of the April leg of their run of shows with Hellfekted and Blacklist, London Thrash Metal act Thrasherwolf have premiered a lyric video for their last week released single “A Thousand Eyes“, two years after their album “We Are Revolution” struck fear into the hearts of their fans, known as The Wolf Pack. Here’s where

Review: “Close Encounters Of A Thrash Kind” by Bangover

“Another Sunday I’m battered and spent, So many things happened that I might regret, A weekly occurrence, what’s strange about that? But it seems like to me there’s a pain in my neck, Aches when I turn and when I look up, It feels like my necks been hit by a truck, Ears are still

NEWS: Bloodstains wash away for Wolftopia!

If you thought that the obsession with Wolves was limited to London Underground Thrashers Thrasherwolf then you’d be sorely mistaken as Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Wolftopia have inked a deal in blood for their debut album “Ways of the Pack” for release via Inverse Records on 17th December. From the catchy guitar chords of the

Bootleg: “Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence” from Thrasherwolf!

The venue was The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, part of the regular one dayer sessions showcasing Underground talent hosted by the organisers of Camden Rocks for this rendition of “Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence” from London residents Thrasherwolf. Freshly dug up from tb bands personal archive for your viewing pleasure, it was the bands seventh ever

Bootleg: “Ruins” from Thrasherwolf

The Victoria Bikers Pub pub in Leicestershire was the venue for the Unearthed music event Coalville Metal Invasion which saw Thrasherwolf return to the stage after 18 months. They’ve shared footage of their performance of “Ruins” culled from the set with many more shows set to follow as their current album “We Are Revolution” is

The Black Map #148: Hellfekted from Stoke on Trent!

From Southampton to Stoke in a single death defying leap for this weeks entry in our black map of the UK Underground Metal scene? Call us Dr. Banner, but not without good reason. Back in May 2020, Blackend Thrash trio Liam Stubbs, Chris Brownrigg and Myles Stockton, otherwise known as Hellfekted, pulled the pin on

NEWS: Thrasherwolf return with “Vermillion Steel”!

If you’ve not heard their “We Are Revolution” record, then let us tell you that the Skull Island Thrash scene is very much resurgent and they’re very much in the pack. Thrasherwolf have returned to that very record for a lyric video for “Vermillion Steel“, one of it’s prime cuts as the arrival of a