Review: “Foundation of Bones” by Enterprise Earth

A surprise released EP from Blackened Deathcore Merchants Enterprise Earth entitled “Foundation of Bone” is notable for the inclusion of a cover of a song by Lamb Of God while being released on the very same day as the Richmond Virginia Groove Metallers release a tenth studio album of their own. This EP looks to be a stop gap of sorts between albums with a pair of covers, an acoustic rendition and a single new track in its fold, but as things go this type of release tends to hold a hidden gem for those that give it the time of day. Drum engineering aside, the production, mixing and mastering has all been handled in house by guitarist Gabriel Mangold, leaving vocalist Dan Watson, bassist Rob Saireh and drummer Brandon Zackey (also in Black Metal supergroup of sorts Sicarius)  to do what they do best…

…Out if the gate like Hurricane Katrina, title track “Foundation of Bones” goes straight for the jugular. A bounce heavy Deathcore cut with pummelling groove, an electrifying Death Metal solo and some blast beats thrown in for good measure, it’s a vicious little cocktail that will have you in the pit faster than you can count to three. Watson’s vocals are as brutal as ever, cutting between the occasional spoken word, a savage bite and touching on Slam in places. Schizophrenic time signature switches are something you get often from Enterprise Earth and they are enthralling here. Lamb Of God cover “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For” is exactly what it says on the tin, Watson does as fine Randy Blythe impression until a final slow breakdown section that the band use to make the song their own and ends us sounding like something South African Slamming Death Metallers Vulvodynia would create. It’s good fun and a heavier interpretation of what Lamb Of God created. The same can be said of the cover of “Fermented Offal Discharge” by German Death Metallers Necrophagist. Zackey’s killer kit work with those Black Metal influences shines and the solo from Mangold that brings it home is incredible, managing to match the intensity and ferocity of the original while also being as technical as they come. The real surprise is the acoustic rendition of “There Is No Tomorrow” from the bands “Luciferous” album. It’s a piece of epic grandeur with technical acoustic proficiency while orchestral and piano touches add a depth and warmth of texture to the mournful meloncholy tale. Watson’s vocals are aching and beautifully fragile, which is something we’ve not heard from him before and whether this opens up opportunity for them to repeat the style could depend on how well this is taken, it may not be one enjoyed by their fan base. Overall, this EP is a fine addition to the catalogue of Enterprise Earth and while some will argue that this is just a stop gap, there is plenty of interest here [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Foundation of Bones
  2. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For (Lamb Of God Cover)
  3. Fermented Offal Discharge (Necrophagist Cover)
  4. There Is No Tomorrow (Acoustic)
  5. Foundation of Bones (Instrumental)

Foundation of Bones” by Enterprise Earth is out now


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