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Review: “Dividing The Double Helix” by Synastry

Touring religiously Synastry released a pair of records in 2006’s “Pallets Of My New World”  and 2008’s “Blind Eyes Bleed” before going dormant four years on and having been a long dormant project, the reformation and resurgence of Montreal Canadian’s Synastry has been a joy to behold. Just five months after their first EP “Civilizations

NEWS: Synastry premier “Dividing The Double Helix”!

Having awoken with “Civilizations Coma” in November, Montréal, Québec residents Synastry have announced a second three track EP “Dividing The Double Helix” with a stream of title track. Their last release combined elements of Thrash, Death and Industrial Metal to create music heavy on atmosphere and crushing consequences and this new one is already available

NEWS: Synastry trapped in “Civilizations Coma”!

Canadian’s Synastry may have only just released their return EP “Civilizations Coma” and be celebrating with a lyric video for the title track but they’re not resting on their laurels and are currently working on a full length record, making up for a decade of dormancy after the tour cycle for 2008’s “Blind Eyes Bleed“