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Bootleg: “For The Power” from Grimgotts!

Celebrating 5 years together high seas, London Power Metallers Grimgotts dropped a trio of EPs in 2020 in Tales, Sagas and Legends. They’ve chosen “For The Power” for a live in lockdown GoldenEye N64 style split screen video. They’re booked for the Hard Rock Hell Spring break in Great Yarmouth in March…

NEWS: Grimgotts prepare to “Rise Again”!

2019 saw Mind Power deliver a quartet of four track EPs in an ambitious project with a quarterly Metal thump of pure quality. London based Power Metallers Grimgotts are doing the same thing with a trio of EPs for 2020 that will form “Tales, Sagas and Legends“. The first part “Tales” dropped on 1st May