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Review: “Ripping Pulling Tearing” by Chamber

Nashville Tennessee is a place that most of the Globe calls the home of Country Music. But there is more to the place than line dancing and Stetsons as Metallic Hardcore act Chamber will tell you. They released “Ripping Pulling Tearing” though Hardcore label of the moment Pure Noise Records, the home of Terror, Knocked

Bootleg: Terror in New York!

Pro-Shot at Sugar City in Buffalo, New York on 12th December 2019 here’s a full set from Terror. Now if we we’re gambling, Terror’s seventh album “Total Retaliation”, was released on 28th September 2018 and with the Los Angeles Hardcore crew keeping it strictly 2 years between recordings… you know what we’re saying. That being

Review: “The Long Goodbye” by Downpresser

Closed Casket Activities have been quietly releasing some quality albums over the past year including “Errorzone” by Vein and “It Comes In Waves” by The Acacia Strain. Their assistance with the sophomore album from Santa Barbara, Californians Downpresser some 6 years after their debut “Don’t Need A Reason” has enabled them to tap up the team

Bootleg: Jesus Piece at Camden Underworld!

Normally we’d say we’d reached saturation point when it comes to Jesus Piece. As good as their full Metallic Hardcore onslaught debut “Only Self” is, we can only publish so may bootlegs of their sets around the World before they get back into the studio and write something more. But it’s Christmas. And we were

Bootleg: Terror in Los Angeles!

16th January 2020 will mark the first of a run of 10 shows from Hardcore legends Terror on an Australian headlinging tour with Sheffield Shredders Malevolence as direct support. The Los Angeles Californian Hardcore act have gone from strength to strength in recent years and with the success of “Total Retaliation” via Pure Noise Records

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors #4!

You know what time it is. Pure Noise Records have delivered episode #4 of the making of “Monomyth” by The Warriors! A shorter outing from the highly influential Hardcore Punks, this one… Go and check out the album! It’s just 27 minutes long and features a raft of guest appearances including from Winston McCall and

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors #3!

You know it’s that time. Three in three days from Pure Noise Records as they do a classic chop shop move and segmented the making of “Monomyth“, a brand new guest appearance loaded album from The Warriors into 10 minute bite size chunks to give you a daily dose. We’re not going to name them

NEWS: Lion’s Law want to “Cut The Rope”!

French Hardcore Punks Lion’s Law may not have made it to London with Terror but they have announced “The Pain, The Blood and The Sword” for Spring 2020 with a video for “Cut The Rope” from their current EP of the same name. Oh and they’re playing Hellfest 2020!

Bootleg: Cro-Mags JM in Philadelphia!

For those who were looking forward to seeing Cro-Mags JM at the Terror Hardcore Matinee at Camden Underworld and missed out due to them dropping off the bill, here’s a full set from them at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on 28th July courtesy of Hate5six Media. Don’t go thinking we’re going to do