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Exclusive Interview: xygrbryrx talk writing and recording “Cunning Punts”!

When mastermind and multi instrumentalist Michael Jon White contacted us after our review of his sophomore record “Cunning Punts“, which we described as the violently birthed bastard child of Zebadiah Crowe and Anaal Nathrakh and offered us the opportunity to do an interview about all things xygrbryrx, we jumped at the opportunity. The only question was how high and if

Review: “Cunning Punts” by xygrbryrx

Pronounced zye-ger-bry-rex you could be forgiven for thinking that xygrbryrx was the Death growl of the beast that lurks beneath your bed or a cheat code for a PlayStation III game. It’s actually the name that multi instrumentalist Michael Jon White has given to his Extreme Metal meets Grindcore down a dark alley with a

Under The Influence #38: Karmatik on “Focus” by Cynic!

Founded in 1987 in Miami Florida by guitarist and vocalist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert, Cynic incorporated elements of Progressive and Alternative Rock into Extreme Metal and after four demos in four years they signed to Roadrunner Records in 1991 and began work on the debut album. Both Masvidal and Reinert were part of

Review: “Away From Black Days” EP by Nonsense

“Away From Black Days” is the sophomore EP from Lyon France based Progressive meets DJent 5 piece Nonsense. A crowd funded affair that appeared in March, it follows their 2017 debut “On Earth” and sees the band joined by Joe Tal, formerly of Textures for “Redeeming Light”. The quintet comprise a rhythm section of Maxime

Riff Police! Pull Over! #46: Karnivool Vs Textures!

Back in 2009, Australian Progressive Metallers Karnivool dropped their second studio release in “Sound Awake”. Whereas the bands debut “Themata” had been largely written and arranged by guitarist and backing vocalist Drew Goddard, this new release was an entirely collaborative effort. Second track “Goliath” is one that stands out of a number of reasons, one of which