Riff Police! Pull Over! #46: Karnivool Vs Textures!

Back in 2009, Australian Progressive Metallers Karnivool dropped their second studio release in “Sound Awake”. Whereas the bands debut “Themata” had been largely written andĀ arranged by guitarist andĀ backing vocalist Drew Goddard, this new release was an entirely collaborative effort. Second track “Goliath” is one that stands out of a number of reasons, one of which is the quintet of vocalists and another is that riff.

Just 2 years later in 2011, Dutch Progressive Metal Masters Textures unveiled “Sanguine Draws The Oath” from their fourth album “Dualism”. Produced by guitarist Jochem Jacobs and Recorded at Split Second Sound Studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Just 18 seconds when the initial intro riff drops out, are you left with some Karnivool worship?

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