Riff Police! Pull Over! #146: Ruina Vs Led Zeppelin!

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jimmy Page sold his soul to Puff Daddy so that he could have a big hit with “Come With Me” which appeared on the “Godzilla” movie soundtrack back in 1998 by getting together with an Orchestra and handing over the riff from “Kashmir” by his band Led Zeppelin. He could have let the artist currently known as P. Diddy sample it, but instead, perhaps as a poke in the eye to Robert Plant, put himself in the music video as well. If you listen to the title track and introduction piece from the debut EP “Nemesis” from Ruina, you might hear something you recognise. Both pieces share the same drum pattern. Complete co-incidence, it’s a 42 second long piece of introduction that sounds legit when it’s put in front of a killer track like “Sickness Forever”, as it is on the EP. Woah! This is Riff Police you say?! Who makes the rules?! “Call me paranoid call me what you will, I got a f***ing feeling something big is going down, F*** the rules” as Biohazard put it in “Authority“.

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